What Are You Waiting For?

(This post is inspired by a post I saw on my friend TJ Armour’s page)

What are you waiting for:

to be the best you possible

to maximize your potential

to reach for your dreams

to dare to be happy

to believe in yourself

to pick yourself up and move forward

to lose the weight

to begin to exercise

to read that book/magazine/article

to learn a new hobby

to tell someone you love them

to cheer for someone else

to be the friend you desire

to focus on you

to make the effort

to be willing to fail

to know that great success often comes after failure

to realize your worth

to pursue the new job

to encourage your children

to advocate for others

to be a mentor


Tomorrow is not guaranteed

but you know that today is here.

Live in this moment,


There is nothing left to do but to do it.

What are you waiting for?


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