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Reasons I’m Thankful Every Day from A-Z

Yesterday my pastor included within her sermon a discussion on listing an alphabet soup of reasons you are grateful.  I am going a little off of her course, but I want to share with you why I am thankful not on Thanksgiving but every day that I walk above ground.  Enjoy and consider doing the same for yourself.

(A)mazing friends and family

(B) lessings from God daily

(C) hristian love from a church family that is so much a big extended family

A (D)aughter whom I delight in-  She was sent to teach this family how to love.

(E)nergy  to go about my daily activities and the gift I give myself of (E)exercise

(F)aith in powers greater than myself

(G)od’s (G)race

A  (H)ome to share with my family and the family (H)ome that is always open to me .

(I)ntelligence to navigate through the twists and turns of life

That I was raised by two greats (J)oyce and (J)ohn Smith

The (K)indness of friends and sometimes strangers that I try to pay forth daily.

(L) ove in it’s purest form.

That I awaken every day in my right (M)ind

That I continue to be open to (N)ew adventures.  I love you Chicago and the many friends that I have there.

Every day there are new (O)pportunities- for growth, laughter, happiness, learning, enrichment, soul searching

There is never a lack of reasons for me to give (P)raise

The lessons I am able to understand through the (Q)uiet moments

(R)esliliance- it’s part of what defines me

(S)trength even in times of some of life’s greatest storms and a (S)on who makes me see “me” a whole lot better

(T) alents which I am still discovering

(U)nlimited opportunities to “get it right”

A (V)oice that I choose to use to inspire and motivate others

(W)ealth in whatever form it comes for I know the greatest wealth does not have to do with dollars but knowledge

I am very thankful for the fact that I e(X)ist as the woman who  I am.

(Y)outhful appearance- vanity sometimes takes over 🙂

(Z)eal for life


If life is just one big lesson I intend to be an honor student

One of the greatest lessons one learns in life is that you never stop learning.  As a matter of fact,  lessons are repeated multiple times until the universe is sure that we have indeed “gotten it.”   Lessons come to us almost every day in a variety of forms.  What is consistent is the need to learn them in order to reach our destined level of being and our optimal level of emotional balance. Recently I was forced to relearn one of life’s great lessons.  That being: there are consequences to pay for your actions.

So as I attempt to do with all the lessons (that I think I have learned 🙂 ),  I will store this for further reapplication in the future.  The hope and intent are always that I’ve got it and I learned my lesson.  Until the next time…when I’m forced to show whether I’ve indeed mastered the concept.

But here’s the thing; even if I have not indeed learned what I should I shall keep trying.  Because it’s all about growth.  All aspects of life are not easy and sometimes we don’t “get” things as quickly as others think we should.  But, my friends, the biggest part of the lesson is that it is your life and your path is yours alone.  Sometimes it is not time for you to get the lesson.  Sometimes there are additional experiences that you are supposed to go through.  Sometimes there are twists in the road that you must manuever and sometimes , hey, your free will will allow you to mess up.

My intention, however, is to keep learning and applying.  I look the be the best me possible and no one can stop me from that so again I’ll say ~ if life is one big lesson I intend to be an honor student.