Reasons I’m Thankful Every Day from A-Z

Yesterday my pastor included within her sermon a discussion on listing an alphabet soup of reasons you are grateful.  I am going a little off of her course, but I want to share with you why I am thankful not on Thanksgiving but every day that I walk above ground.  Enjoy and consider doing the same for yourself.

(A)mazing friends and family

(B) lessings from God daily

(C) hristian love from a church family that is so much a big extended family

A (D)aughter whom I delight in-  She was sent to teach this family how to love.

(E)nergy  to go about my daily activities and the gift I give myself of (E)exercise

(F)aith in powers greater than myself

(G)od’s (G)race

A  (H)ome to share with my family and the family (H)ome that is always open to me .

(I)ntelligence to navigate through the twists and turns of life

That I was raised by two greats (J)oyce and (J)ohn Smith

The (K)indness of friends and sometimes strangers that I try to pay forth daily.

(L) ove in it’s purest form.

That I awaken every day in my right (M)ind

That I continue to be open to (N)ew adventures.  I love you Chicago and the many friends that I have there.

Every day there are new (O)pportunities- for growth, laughter, happiness, learning, enrichment, soul searching

There is never a lack of reasons for me to give (P)raise

The lessons I am able to understand through the (Q)uiet moments

(R)esliliance- it’s part of what defines me

(S)trength even in times of some of life’s greatest storms and a (S)on who makes me see “me” a whole lot better

(T) alents which I am still discovering

(U)nlimited opportunities to “get it right”

A (V)oice that I choose to use to inspire and motivate others

(W)ealth in whatever form it comes for I know the greatest wealth does not have to do with dollars but knowledge

I am very thankful for the fact that I e(X)ist as the woman who  I am.

(Y)outhful appearance- vanity sometimes takes over 🙂

(Z)eal for life


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