2010 What A Blessing

It has never been more apparent to me that there are two ways to view any given situation than it was  in the year 2010.  While the year was a time of numerous personal challenges, it also afforded me more blessings than I can probably even recount.  I will however attempt to give you my summary as best I remember them.

  • I made many friends through social networking.  Some of these friends I am as close to as good family members.
  • Because of my network of friends I twice visited the city of Chicago that is now like my second home.
  • Visits with great, long- term  friends became more frequent.
  • I reconnected with old friends from both high school and college who I’m very aligned with on a spiritual plane.
  • I became a budding blogger.
  • My Cup of Cheer brand was birthed and continues to grow.
  • My children changed school (to my dismay) but are flourishing (to my delight)
  • My sense of my true self became more evident.
  • I shared my grandmother’s final days with her.
  • I lost a job that my gut told me not to take (the universe corrects itself).
  • The greatest truth came to me- God is in us and God is love. One of our main purposes in life is to spread love.
  • I went all year without getting ill- not even a cold.
  • I ended the year by getting exactly the type of job that I have been wanting to secure for years (that’s why  I had to be free of the other one).

These are just a few of my blessings from the previous year.  I’m sure that I have not even scratched the surface.  What I know for sure is that I am very blessed.  Whatever challenges I am presented with pale in comparison to my bounty of blessings.  I look forward to what 2011 has to offer and know that the path I am charting for myself will be fulfilled.


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