That’s What Friends Are For

Try to live life in a way that your spirit attracts people who will support you when you need it- no questions asked.  It’s truly a blessing.

Recently life’s circumstances caused me to have what can rightly be interpreted as “a very bad day.”  (Yes even the cheerful can sometimes become overwhelmed by circumstances)  I decided to approach the moment differently than I have at other times in the past.  I went out onto Facebook and asked my friends to pray for me.  NO details given; just asked them to send up a general prayer.

I was overwhelmed by the response that I received.  Many friends checked in to say that it is “done.”  There were no questions asked.  No inquiring minds wanting to know.  What I realized within a short period of time was that my friends were trying to return to me what I try to project out to others daily.

And that’s when it REALLY hit me.  (Sometimes lessons are gentle and sometimes they hit you like a sledgehammer.) The spirit that you display and project is magnified in those around you.  If you project a spirit of love then love surrounds you.  If you project a spirit of negativity then negative spirits surround you.  Now this, in and of itself,  is not a new lesson.  I have known it for a while.  I think, for me, the shock was in seeing it manifest itself so quickly on a micro level.  Sometimes we ask/ pray for a thing to happen and the universe takes a long time to respond.  Sometimes, as happened with me, there is am immediate response to a request.

As I stated earlier this was a “very bad day” but I felt surrounded by such love and warmth in such a short amount of time that I had to take pause.  It was almost as if I could feel these prayers working on my behalf.  Since the negativity of the situation was nothing that I wanted to embrace and give further life to,  I was deeply grateful.  I realized that in my attempts to always spread love I am loved and I also realized that’s what friends are for.

So I publicly take a moment to thank my friends who stood with and/or prayed for me on that day.  I don’t know that I deserve you,  but I am certainly glad that my life is blessed by your presence.


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