The Beauty of Connecting

One of the most important things in life is being connected~ whether it be to yourself, your God or spiritual source, and to others.   Merriam Webster defines connect as: to place or establish in relationship.  It should come as no surprise that I strongly believe in being connected.  I’m learning that the order of connectivity is important – God first, self second and others last.

My primary relationship is with God.  This relationship governs how I feel about me and the means by what I govern myself.  I am learning to rely more upon my spiritual connection.  In doing so, I am less needy for validation and from others for the things that God readily provides.  I am working on not needing these things at all, but it is a process.

The happiest, most grounded people are those who have a strong relationship with their spiritual center, know who they are and what want in life,  and operate socially within that realm.  Once you have the God and me thing down pat, relating to others is a breeze.  You recognize that you can’t please everyone and that there is no need to attempt to.  What is most important is that you honor yourself and God.  Anyone who doesn’t respect or agree with that will find their way out of your life when your first two connections are strong enough.  No argument required.  More importantly though, these strong connections will allow a steady flow of people who are exactly what you want and need to enter.

As I evolve through this little thing called life I am enjoying the deepening quality of all of my relationships.  I tell you I have learned so much in the past six months about myself, life, and what life has to offer that it almost makes my head spin.  If you feel so inclined,  join me on the journey.   Let me know what you think.  Let’s compare notes and encourage each other along the way.


One thought on “The Beauty of Connecting

  1. Tee – thanks for another pure post! It’s a reminder of the divine order created when we allow God to establish His covenant with us. Only then can we experience TRUE peace. Sounds like you’re already there! 🙂

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