Far Away

Man oh man and boy oh boy.  I do not fully comprehend everything that is going on in my life, but I would certainly say that it is a time of enlightenment.  I am on a journey that has me traveling at the speed of sound.  It is fun. It is exciting.  And quite frankly, the details of it are worth sharing.

As many of you are well aware I recently wrote blog entitled “What Would I Do?  Who Would I Be If I Didn’t Know You” which featured the video of the song of that same title as performed by Kindred the Family Soul.  Well, imagine my surprise when on last Thursday afternoon I see a tweet on Twitter that asks “who wants 2 tickets to go to the sold out show tonight at Blues Alley in DC?” as tweeted by @kindredthefam.  Well of course I responded with “me, me, me” and as luck would have it I actually won.

Well my friends, here is where the story really begins.  Have you ever tried to find someone to do something with you socially at the last minute? Tain’t easy!! I called/texted friends and family.  Folks are busy.  Folks have schedules.  Now if you know me at all, you know I take great joy in being unscheduled.  Having a packed calendar never qualified for me as an accomplishment.  I need my me time too much.  That being said, there were a number of people I tried to reach to attend with me;  all of whom I really desired to spend the evening with.  But, for various and sundry reasons they could not make it work with their schedules.  I was fine with attending alone but really wanted company and didn’t want the extra ticket to go to waste.  Finally, one of my twitter/Facebook buds, a fellow HBCU grad, agreed to meet me there.

I am from Baltimore.   Most of you, who don’t live in the area,  assume that people from Baltimore and DC cross city boundaries all of the time.  This is not true at all.  Many imports who live in Baltimore like to go into “the District” but  natives of the two cities tend to stick to their own home turf.  Combine this with the fact that I have never been fond of driving in DC.  Whether with friends or alone my commonly held belief when venturing into the Nation’s Capital is that I WILL get LOST.   If you’ve never driven there, this is one you will just have to take from me.  Now here’s what needs to be understood.  Though I am very technologically savvy, I still have a dumb phone and a semi smart vehicle.  Meaning that my phone makes calls, takes pics and videos and that’s about the gist of it.  My car does not have a GPS system but it can tell me the direction in which I’m headed and what the outside temperature is.  So here we go~my dumb phone, my semi-smart mini-van, and think she’s smart me headed to the concert.  Applying the Law of Attraction I’m telling myself (and I think I believe it) that I will get there and back with no problems.

Au Contraire mon frere.  I think my initial problem came from taking an incorrect exit.  But, in theory I still should have been okay.  I was on the street I needed to be on- only in MD instead of DC but headed toward the District, so all is well.  Or so I thought….until the street ran out and I didn’t know which way to go.  So I backtrack to a gas station where a cab driver tell me how to navigate this intersection and remain on the street.  Ok, back in business – in communication with my friend “be there in a few.”  I’ve got about 20 minutes to showtime.  Yeah I’m gonna be fine.  In reality DC proper is not that large.  Ok…now I’m driving and coming up on one of these dreaded circles (think DuPont Circle) etc.  (Have I mentioned yet four of my major pet peeves?  I detest being late, being lost, waiting on someone and conversely having someone wait on me)  Well my directions are not accommodating the roads that shoot off of this circle …and my “date” who I’m on the phone with is no help.

Yes, she’s trying but she can’t exactly tell where I am and I am very calmly stressing.  So I drive around some more and then kick her off the phone so I can flag down an officer (have I mentioned that the charge in my headset went out before I was out of Baltimore good and it is illegal to talk on the phone without a headset in both DC and MD?  Um yeah).  So I need to put the phone away to talk to Mr. Officer.  He’s a nice enough guy.  In addition to telling me how he doesn’t necessarily like driving in some parts of Baltimore and how I need to get a GPS  he’s telling me he will lead me to the street I need to travel down.  Sidebar:  have you ever noticed that when you are lost people like to say “well you know how to get to (insert street name or area here) right?  Well from there you just … ”  Dear sir/madame if I knew how to get to (insert street name or area here) from here would I be asking you for directions????  I’m just saying ! By now,  I’m about fried.  All I can hear in my head (playing louder than the sound of Angie’s very calming voice) is the line from Kindred’s “Far Away”- “just jump in a taxi cab, pack a bag and get away fast.”  FRIED I tell you!

I’ve neglected to say that it’s now around 9 pm (show started at 8) and there is a second 10 pm show, so we know this one is not running over.  My friend runs inside to see when they think 1st show will be over and she says to me “well do you still wanna come all the way here? ”  Um yes ma’am I do!! This task will not beat me.  I am coming there AND I’m going to the 10pm show.  Are you staying to go with me or not?  Some of you think I’m kidding but those who know me well know how very serious I am.

Well…the street Mr. Officer tells me to go down is NOT the street that he leads me to (yes, gotta love it right?).  He tells me to go down P Street but points me down Q.  And, of course, Q does not go down as far as I need it to!  Summing it all up.  I arrive at the venue at 9:30.  People are in line for the next show, BUT my friend who wasn’t going to be able to stay for the late show with me because of a prior early morning commitment had waited outside (thank GOD it was warm) for over an hour and a half for me to arrive.  This woman is a saint!!  (I did mention that this was our first face to face meeting right?)  She was so kind, so gracious, and so patient  the entire time that she talked to me as I drove around for an hour and a half lost on a Thursday Spring-like night.

Speeding up the story just a tad.  My friend, Angie, waited in line with me for a just a little bit.  I was advised that the two of us would be able to attend the later show but of course she had to leave.  The leaving did not take place, however, until we had the couple in front of us in line take pictures.  We had to have some record of this crazy evening! So now I’m inside about to be seated at a table for two a little too far back for my taste.  The hostess told me  I could move up if I was willing to share a table.  Of course I’m willing to share a table! It’s me for goodness sakes.  Miss Cup of Cheer.  A little frustrated but definitely still cheerful.  How can I be upset when someone else was willing to stand outside for that amount of time awaiting my arrival?  So I was seated with my next new friend Tynette. We introduced ourselves, had a little chat and waited for her friend to arrive.  Then another lady was brought over to sit with us.  Ms Lady advised us that we were the third table at which she had been sat.  Her seat happened to be one that backed up to two other tables in a tightly packed venue.  We slid the table out a bit, but she was uncomfortable and advised that she was leaving.

The show was uneventfully great and does not bear a lot of description.  Kindred did their thing and no one was disappointed.  They sang my song and ended with an audience sing along of “Far Away.”  Tynette and I had a ball.  Returning home, I knew where I was supposed to go to get me back on the Beltway home but yes I missed a turnoff so again I counted on my semi-smart mama van and my smart brain to get me home.  If there’s one thing I know, it’s that Baltimore is north of DC so driving north will head me home.  So though I got a little thrown off course I did not take nearly as long as I did to get there.

Now to the lessons which is the entire purpose of this particular blog.  I learned things within this experience that blew me away.

1.  When you live to spread love to others it is always returned to you.  I met two wonderful women on Thursday evening.  Angie was willing to wait 90 minutes to meet me for an event that she long realized she would not be able to attend.  She understood what had happened and admits to getting lost often in DC herself.  We still have plans for other activities we had previously discussed doing together.   Tynette, who herself is a singer, and I just met that night.  She had to rise at 5 am on Friday to prepare for her day.  Yet, she stayed awake until she knew I was home safely (1 am).   You can’t buy this type of caring, love and concern.  You can only hope to earn it from others.  Tynette’s friend wound up not being able to make it at the last minute.  There a was definitely a divine intervention to our table seating that night.  Things turned out just as they were supposed to.

2.  When there is an excess of positive energy negative energy can not co-exist.  The third lady who was seated with Tynette and me was not a happy person.  She had already found two other tables not to her liking and came to us huffing, puffing and complaining.  What she quickly found, I believe, is that she felt “uncomfortable” in our presence.  Thus, she left.  Upon her departure, we both exhaled.  There was an immediate lightening of the air and we were back to “happy.”  I have never noticed this so visibly before, but I recently read about that very thing.  This event proved positive reinforcement for me that indeed the phenomenon is real.  People who are not in alignment with your spirit will find ways to get out of your way.  How powerful is THAT?

I am seeing my life change before my eyes.  The people who I’m attracting into my space are not perfect but perfect for me at this time.  I am surrounded by good.  Everyone I meet brings me joy.  WOW!   I must be doing something right and I’m so happy that I finally “get it!”

Now more than ever I encourage you to …

Spread love…peace and blessings.


3 thoughts on “Far Away

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  2. LOL! Even funnier this time around!Really love the “…calmly stressing.” line. Yep. That’s what a day/night’s worth of drivin’ ’round “The District” ‘ill do to ya!:-)

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