The Beauty of Family

Have you ever seen one of those families that is just full of pretty people?  I have a friend whose family is like that.  On her maternal and paternal side everyone is gorgeous.  The women are beautiful and the men are very handsome.  Ever wonder how this happens? Do you think it’s just that like attracts like?  I don’t think so.  I have a slightly different theory.

The other day my aunt posted a picture of my grandmother as a teen.  The first thing I thought upon viewing was “wow, this looks just like me.” (technically it should be I look just like her but you get the point)  Many who commented on the picture stated how beautiful my grandmother was.  My aunt also posted a picture of my grandfather in his youth.  Pop pop was a very handsome man.  As I thought about beauty that sometimes runs through families I concentrated on the notion that beauty is so much more internal than external.  There are many ugly people with physically beautiful faces and the ugly definitely overcomes.

The conclusion I came to is simple.  Many families have beauty running throughout them because the head of the family houses a beautiful spirit.  This spirit then flows downward and throughout.  It allows prodigal children to return home.  It encourages rather than tears down.  It holds family above all but the creator.  This feeling of complete acceptance, of expected accomplishment, of encouragement, love, and understanding is what allows the beauty of all within its grasp and bloodline to shine with beauty.  It also allows, when the inevitable time of crossover comes, for more peaceful transitions.  When you know you’ve loved a family member as completely as possible while they were here you don’t feel as much sadness in letting them go.

I know some of you are thinking “c’mon Tee that’s just not true.”  I challenge you to examine the beautiful families you are familiar with.     When you take a closer look you will see that what I’m saying is true.  The beauty of the family is a result of the love they share. The way they accept one another and outsiders into their space.

The good news is that even if your own family is not one that exists with this type of vibe, you can be the catalyst of change.  Live long enough and you may find yourself the matriarch or patriarch of your family.  There is no better time, however, than now to begin.  Positive energy and love is catching and multiplies.  As I stated in the previous blog, where an abundance of love and positivity exists negativity can not.

I would love to hear your experiences with attempting to be the catalyst of change.

Spread love…peace and blessings


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