Winning Is An Attitude

Merriam- Webster defines winning as successful especially in competition; and tending to please or delight. For many, it appears that the concept of winning is solely based on the former definition which, of course, has measurable achievement.  I am suggesting that we spend a lot more time focusing on the latter definition.  For me, winning is less about an action and more about an attitude.  If you have a winning attitude you will see examples of how you are winning all day long and in most situations.  The benefit of such an attitude is that you attract even more wins.  I contend that by focusing on what is pleasing and delightful you will also begin to see more measurable achievement in competition as well.  For, even measurable achievement can always be linked back to one’s attitude.

As many of you know by now, I am a twitterholic.  One popular aspect of twitter is what’s known as a trending topic.  This is always designated by the pound sign (#).  #Fail has been a popular trending topic for at least the past year.  An example of its usage might be “Went to McDonald’s drive -thru for lunch and they forgot to put my fries in the bag.  Now my break is over. #Fail”  You get the point right?  Well, here’s what I’m suggesting – as you go through the day note the ways you are winning.  Failure is not an option for the purposes of this exercise.  As a matter of fact let’s just eliminate that word from our vocabulary starting NOW!

One of my good friends and I have been engaged in this exercise since the end of last week. To say that I am noticing dramatic results would be well …an understatement.  Some examples? Ever since I’ve decided to start counting wins there is always an open space near the door at my very busy gym parking lot.  As I am currently in the job hunt, I approached a member at my church whom I’ve been advised is in human resources for the City of Baltimore.  She agreed to not only forward information to me but states that once I fill out the general application she will automatically submit it on my behalf for every job she thinks I may have an interest in.  I am noticing that people I’m encountering on a regular basis seem to be more friendly and open.  Could it be because Spring is right around the corner? Perhaps, but I offer to you it is because that is what I am looking for and the universe naturally brings to us that which we are open to.

On that note, be mindful that you don’t hold onto negative views while constantly looking for validation of them.  I assure you, you will get it because that is what you are attracting.  I’m suggesting that you fine tune your own winning attitude and look for ways every day to validate that you are indeed doing  just that- WINNING! Won’t you join me in the movement?  I’d love to hear your stories.

Spread love…peace and blessings.


4 thoughts on “Winning Is An Attitude

  1. It’s somewhat ironic that I read this, this evening, I have been promoted to supervisor. The employees that I must over see, I have not performed some of there daily task in 3 yrs, my mgr that is giving me insight is not detailed, sort of like a whatever person. (as i see it setting me up for the knife) so that when it’s done incorrectly they would be the 1st to call my name. Proper training merits good production. So I took other avenues of obtaining the correct and proper way of performing my new task so that I cya. The very info that I was seeking fell into my hand this afternoon and at that moment i said, I got this and I’m gonna be ok. Your piece has just inspired me even more. Sometime going into new areas can be a little intimidating depending on the actions involved, but if they didn’t think i was capable, advancement would not have been mine. Joining the “Winning Team”
    Thank You

    • Lisa, that’s what I’m talking about!! Keep the winning attitude and watch how easy this new position becomes. Best of luck but with the right attitude you don’t need luck.

  2. Thank you for this Lady!! Very inspiring and often we need to be reminded of this very fact. We can let the burdens of the world & life get us in a place where we can spiral into a deep hole, and before we realize it, we are stuck in a place struggling to get out & regain our self worth! I love this “winning” attitude and will make sure I put it into practice!! I will keep you posted on events that will be taking place! Love ya & we will connect soon, I promise!! Smooches;-)

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