Biting The Bear That Bit You

For most who know me personally, I am perceived as rather laid-back – not easily excited, definitely not hyper, and rarely shocked.  Though I’m known to “not take any stuff” that characteristic is not presented in a loud, abrasive, in your face type of manner.  Thus,  I may appear to some to give up on some things a tad too easily.  Ironically, nothing could be further from the truth.  The truth of the matter is, throughout my years on this Earth I have always chosen to bite the bear that bit me.

What I mean by that is the things that I feel have conquered or bested me I always go back to.  I must claim the victory.  The following are some of the most dramatic examples of such.

As an undergrad at my beloved FAMU I grew weary of attending school and was frustrated that I had not graduated by my predetermined date.  So I declared, in my best voice and my most stubborn mindset that I was in my last semester to all who would listen.  My last semester whether I was done or not.  Now to know me is to know that I say what I mean and I mean what I say.  And trust me, in my early twenties this allowed for no wiggle room or flexibility.  Thus with nine credit hours remaining I left school as promised.  Two and a half years later, after living in two cities, working to pay off my college credit card debt, and saving up funds I returned to FAMU to complete the credits necessary to obtain my degree.  Many asked why I didn’t finish those credits at a school in my hometown of Baltimore.  That, for me, was never an option.  FAMU and The School of Business and Industry (SBI) had beaten me in a few rounds but I needed to return to take the final rounds and end the match.

One of the cities I lived in after leaving FAMU was Atlanta.   I decided I was big and grown enough to live alone (not the first time mind you) until one night someone attempted to enter my apartment without my permission.  Ut oh, this living alone game is now over.  I will not be a sitting duck so bring on the roommates and the degree of hidden fear.  Well, a year and a half later with finances in hand, a job under my belt and strong goals in mind my return to Tallahassee also included finding a small one bedroom apartment.  I had to conquer the fear of living alone.  Nursing that fear for too long was only going to make it worse.  I had to bite the bear back.

These are my most major examples but they abound.   I am not  suggesting that you follow my path and I’m certainly not suggesting that I have all of life’s answers.  I’m simply saying that for me one of the best ways of confronting things that have gotten the best of me involve meeting them head on and successfully completing the task.  It is never too late to achieve a goal. No task is ever too great to be undertaken.  Life is a journey my friends and there are many paths.  Many people take the most direct and shortest path.  I am enjoying the experience of this life by venturing down unknown gravelled paths.  If I need to get back to the paved main road it is always there.  I find the smooth path easy to walk but not as interesting.  Don’t judge me.  We are all here for unique reasons to learn unique lessons.  I’m simply suggesting that if the bear on your path bites you, nurse your wounds, make sure you are emotionally ok and then bite that sucker back!

Spread love…peace and blessings.


5 thoughts on “Biting The Bear That Bit You

  1. Really good post. Regrouping and coming back to finish a task is always a character building thing. I hope my son takes this approach. I’ve had to take the regroup and come back thing to heart many times but I always go back to finish…people respect that and it makes my word seem more credible.

  2. Smiling!!!!! Continue to show the world your spirit Tirani….and for some you may even show them, themselves….Peace and blessings always!!!!

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