The Weight of the Pressure

The weight of the pressure? What the heck?  Isn’t this the A Cup of Cheer blog- the place where I come for motivation, encouragement, positive thoughts?  What are you doing talking about the weight of pressure?  Relax folks! Don’t put your mug down just yet.  The cheer is here, but we are going to discuss pressure.

For the purposes of this discussion we will be examining a combination of two of Merriam-Webster’s definitions of pressure: 1) the action of a force against an opposing force, and 2) the stress or urgency of matters demanding attention. While to most people pressure is a somewhat negative environment which produces unhappy feelings I contend that pressure in our lives is often times exactly what is needed.

You see,  pressure is what we feel when we are going against what our inner spirit knows is best for us.  The force of our free will is pressing against what we “feel” is the right thing to do or the correct road to take which results in a clash of those opposing forces.  This is life attempting to save us from ourselves.  You are supposed to feel the weight of the pressure and STOP to re-examine the choices you are making and perhaps make a better one.  I have not mastered this.  I will be the first to admit.  What I will tell you unequivocably is that when I am doing what is truly best for me, the cards all fall into place, everything flows freely and I feel no pressure.  As a matter of fact, I feel completely at ease.

Pressure in the form of stressful urgency is what we feel when we know what we must do but we are not giving the decision our full time and attention.  Sometimes, even as we are not following our necessary course of action, we are completely unsettled, anxious, and stressed.  You see when you are on the right path the deed must get done as this is but a stop in the road and there is much more road to conquer.  We all know people who are always “on fire,” passionate about the task at hand, driven to succeed.  Those people are often times on the right track.  They are following the proper trail for them and they feel the pressure to get it done.  So again, the pressure does not have anything to do with negative feelings.  It simply means that these are the matters demand our attention and the task needs to be accomplished.

So I challenge you to take a good look at the pressure you feel in your life.  Instead of resisting the feeling, this particular pressure might be exactly what is necessary to propel you forward to the next level, to follow your calling, to achieve your highest heights.  Don’t fight the pressure.  Embrace it.  As long as it is the right kind of pressure, only good things will result from bearing up under the weight.

Spread love…peace and blessings.



3 thoughts on “The Weight of the Pressure

  1. I completely agree. When we are following the correct path things seem to just follow in to place as if by some divine plan. On the contrary when we are chasing selfish desires, the world seems cold and impossible. Great post and insight.

  2. VERY interesting take on pressure…I agree with you…certain types of pressure often spur/inspire us to greater heights than previously thought/imagined were possible. There is an oft-quoted axiom that fits this blog entry: Pressure makes diamonds. I’m gonna be a diamond today, tommorow, the next day, etc.!!

    Love ya’!!

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