Feel The Fire

A couple of friends and I are working on a new project and I am literally on fire.  I can not wait to get it off  the ground.  I am psyched about the potential for success.  I am awakened with ideas and go to sleep thinking of more.  Which led to me to thinking about something.   When are we operating at our very best?  My answer? When we are on fire for something.

Think about it.  A lot of times the best times in a relationship are in the early stages.  Both parties are filled with the promise of what the relationship has to offer.  They work  very hard to put forth their best foot.  They place that person and their needs above many others- sometimes even themselves.

When we start a new job we are on fire with passion.  We put forth our best effort.  We desire to impress all of those with whom we work.  We want our managers to feel pleased about their decision to hire us and we want to make them look good.  When we start our own business we are really churning on all cylinders.  We are willing to put in whatever amount of time and energy is required to make our venture a success.  After all,  this is OUR thing and we wish to prove that there is no one better to bet on than ourselves.

So what happens? How do we lose the passion that we have initially?  I propose that we let the fire go out.  While it is true that it is difficult to keep a fire stoked at the same level indefinitely, we have to continuously  search for new kindle to keep it going.

Within a relationship, the kindle may be a new hobby for the two of you to embark on together, a trip you are planning, exercising together or any number of things.  The point is you have to find something that makes you feel the initial spark you once felt.  It can be done and with sustained effort is not that difficult.

In the workplace, suggest a new method, process or project.  More than likely you will be asked to lead that initiative which should successfully relight your fire for a few.  With your own business, it is easy to become bogged down and discouraged especially if things are not going quite as planned.  This new venture/project  has been very enlightening for me.  Not only am I super- excited about the new project but have seen ways to incorporate it into the A Cup of Cheer brand as well.  Thus one pilot has lit the flame on two separate eyes.

These are my thoughts.  You may have other suggestions and I encourage you to leave them.  I, and others, would love to read them. Most importantly,  I encourage you feel the fire.  Life is glorious when we are doing what makes us happy and being rewarded in the process.


3 thoughts on “Feel The Fire

  1. I and my significant other….you know who :-)…..share a passion. You are well aware of it. But it has not “stoked” the fires of love and commitment to one another; however, we are joined at the hip in our desire to see others obtain Biblical knowledge. So what then do we say to that? I am passionate and somewhat possessive of my ministry in music….it has had it’s ups and downs. We have had quantitative successes and qualitative success with the fire roaring and sometimes the pot was just simmering…..so I guess while I generally agree with you, there are some experiences I have had that make me question the correlation between the roaring fires of excitement versus doing what you do just because and still reaping the same feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. I always love your thought provoking themes!!!!

    • Cathy my response to this would be that the fire and excitement you have for your ministry is evident and produces great results. The fire you and s/o feel for church has led to new initiatives that are growing and highly acclaimed so I think my statement hold. Now there needs to be something DIFFERENT to light the fire in the relationship. If I am on fire for my job- coming up with new programs and being acknowledged professionally for them, that does not necessarily translate over to my home life. Just my two cents.

    • Interestingly enough, I think you all may share too much “work” related time. Because you do so much together for other, perhaps the spark can come from a hobby or activity that you embark upon SOLELY for the enjoyment/pleasure of the two of you. 😉

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