I’m so glad I’m from FAMU.  I’m so glad I’m from FAMU.  I’m so glad I’m from FAMU. Singing glory hallelujah, I’m from FAMU.  If you know me at all, and heck even if you don’t (my twitter buds),  you know that I am a proud alum of Florida A&M University- FAMU for short.  And for you uninitiated that’s FAM- U not FA MU.  🙂

This song came into my head last night and I just want to share you with you over this Cup of Cheer why I’m SO glad I’m from FAMU.

1.  My best friends are people I met at FAM.

2.  FAMU means FAM(ily).  I can go anywhere in the country and meet up with a FAMily member who will welcome me with open arms.

3.  FAMUans are some of the proudest HBCU alum in the country.  We love our school thus we love each other and it shows.

4.  My days at FAMU are some of the best days of my life.  Not perfect days all the time, but days that helped make me the person I am today.  Times spent maturing into adulthood, making mistakes, celebrating successes, and growing all the time.  All in an environment where I felt that the professors were personally vested in my success.

5.  Like a lot of college girls, I fell in love at FAMU.  No it didn’t last forever, but it was a wonderful learning experience and one that I would never trade.

6. I learned to walk hills, fear fire ants (allergies), party, and study at FAMU.

7.  I also learned that all of my friends didn’t have to be my age.  Thank God for some ladies I met who imparted their brand of wisdom on the youngun.  Oh how naive I was! 😉

8.  I saw a lot of people make big mistakes at FAM and do some very destructive things.  All of these people are now highly successful.  There is something about the atmosphere there that teaches that mistakes are temporary obstacles that can and shall be overcome, that not being perfect is a part of life and learning, and that it’s ok to find your way.  Most people need this kind of safety net and as the examples I have seen bear witness that with it in place they will shine.

9.  FAMU has undeniably the greatest marching band in the land.  I can’t mention FAMU without mentioning the Marching 100.

10.  Unlike a number of state schools, this lil Maryland girl met people from all over the country.  It helped to expand my thinking.  Showed me that everyone does not think like people from Baltimore and what a wonderful thing that sharing of different mindsets can be.

11. And lest I forget, on the campus of FAMU you will find some of the prettiest people you will ever meet.  Bump Howard, Spellman, and Morehouse; FAMU has them all beat.  Don’t believe me?  Take a little trip to the highest of seven hills in the lovely city of Tallahassee, Florida.  You will come back a convert!

I could go on, but these are the top very good reasons that I’m so glad I’m from FAMU.  Join in and sing it with me Rattlers…

Spread love….peace and blessings.


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