Recognize and Count Your Blessings

For the past 49 days I have been writing a Pray Rain Journal.  It is based upon the principles of the Law of Attraction and essentially is an exercise in appreciating the life you see yourself having before it is actualized.  As a part of this exercise, I end every entry with “Thank you Lord for these and all my blessings.  Thank you for the blessings I am receiving.”  So, though I am self-actualizing my future I am also thankful for the blessings I am receiving in this moment and all that I will receive. My pastor recommended this as part of a sermon one Sunday and it really resonated with me.  Part of my blessings come from the people I am blessed to have in my life.  Today I will share with you some of the people who are blessings to me in my life and how.  I live to learn from other people.

My parents – Joyce and John Smith taught me to spread my wings and never be afraid to fly or fall.  John taught me how to give your kids the gift of your friendship (once they are adults).  Cameron Bright taught me to have an appreciation for mental illness free of judgement and that it is never too late to ask for forgiveness.

Shawn Oliver and Vince Adams- have taught me that no friendship is perfect but unconditional love within the confines of friendship is possible;  and that it is CERTAINLY possible for men and women to be “just friends.”

Devera Zainal (Bollywood Granny for my Facebook family) – has taught me the value of being totally comfortable in one’s own skin and being totally accepting of self.

Anthony Jordan and Mike Edwards- have taught me the value of using reason rather than emotion.  Sorry fellas I don’t get there all the time,  but I appreciate your perspective.  You both work hard to keep me straight.

Tamela Daniels,  Deanna Dean, Shawn Gatewood, Cathy Hughey, Susan Reynolds, Geanene Balentine, Caryn Lee and Dawna King- have taught me the value of sister/friends in ways I did not appreciate until recently.

Cassie Kramer- has taught me the value of spirituality and having a daily, tangible connection with God even in the worst of circumstances.  She has also taught me the concept of unselfish giving.

Cheryl Glenn, Niki Savage, Cheron Bishop, Darrin Milling, Chris Melvin, and Romera Ferguson have taught me the value of framily- family who are also friends.  Cheron has shown a wonderful example of how it is NEVER too late to make amends.  Cheryl has shown me the immense value of networking.

Jerlyn Owens has taught me the value of an open mind and appreciating my similarities with a person more than my differences.

My friend Georgette Kiser has taught me the value of shaking if off and moving on.  Her mom Annie Thompson has taught me how unshakable faith can have amazing odds-defying results.  Her life is a visual example of never give up.

In the evolution of the person who is Tirani I have learned and am constantly learning from the above mentioned parties.  They are not alone.  I have many others from whom lessons have been learned which on the surface may not be cheerful.  My focus is to take all experiences and draw positive lessons from them.  Thus, every day I thank God for these and ALL of my blessings and look at my life as one big blessing.  Feel free to share your blessings.  I would love to hear them.  Peace and Blessings  is more than a catch phrase.  It is my goal in life- to life in peace counting my blessings.

Peace and blessings


3 thoughts on “Recognize and Count Your Blessings

  1. Just when I thought we had a “perfect” friendship you go and burst my bubble 🙂

    Thanks Tee!! You are a blessing to us all in return…

  2. I try…I try…I try!! I will get you up to my level one day!! 🙂 On the real, thank you very much for the kind words. 25 years is longer than a lot of marriages…looking forward to the next 25 and the continuing evolution of Tirani!!

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