Gimme A Break

As much as I like to get my blog posted on time, this week I am thankful that I missed yesterday’s deadline. I began a blog about relying upon the strength of the family and before I could get it finished, edited, and published today arrived.  Today has been a very odd day for me.  I have encountered numerous situations regarding communication and began to ponder upon that topic for a minute.  My thought was that I would change the blog to one on communication.  Then, I picked up my journal that I have faithfully written in for the past 55 days straight.  As I reached for it I realized that I did not write it in it yesterday.  This recognition caused quite a degree of disappointment in me.  I had been so proud that I was able to maintain my commitment to writing daily  as I was seeing the manifestation of the things I was writing about in this very specific journal.  And then I missed a day!  Almost immediately, my feeling of disappointment was replaced by the lesson.  The lesson is simply – GIVE YOURSELF  A BREAK. 

The purpose of life is to learn lessons in order to grow.  Within the parameters of learning we all make mistakes.  Thus mistakes are simply opportunities to learn.  No more, no less.    So, if ultimately you are continuously growing you are fulfilling your purpose and all is well.  The only one who is counting all of the mistakes is you.  Think about that for a minute.  I know that we all have people in our lives who are negative and hold our shortcomings against us.  That is their problem and issue not yours.  Recognize that they, like you, are a work in progress and forgive them for also being imperfect and move on.  Their path to growth is theirs.  Y0u will remain a lot more centered, happy, and at peace if you focus on your path while  leaving them to theirs.

Many people hold themselves to a requirement of perfection.  When they fail to meet the requirement they are very disappointed.  I completely understand and agree with having goals- even lofty goals.  But God does not require perfection of us.  For you to hold yourself to that standard is unrealistic.  Doing your best is the only requirement.  Give it your all.  Aim for the top.  We all know all of the clichés and they are good ones.  Being perfect is not in any of the clichés.   So, when you show yourself to be less than perfect give yourself a break.

I am grateful that my lessons continue to lead toward a place of peace and forgiveness.  I forgive myself when I am imperfectly perfect 🙂  and I forgive others recognizing that we are all works in progress.  For me, the interesting thing about life is that most people seem to arrive at where they are supposed to be.  Not where someone else determines they are to be but where the universe determines they are best served.  I love to hear others share their lessons and have become more comfortable with sharing mine.  Sometimes, though, I have to say to myself “gimme a break.”  I am thankful for this lesson today.  I know that I must commit to following it daily.  It is important.  We are all good enough.  Yes sometimes we can try harder or do better.  But even in that, it is your lesson and your path.  Do your best and give yourself a break.  Today’s big deal is tomorrow’s chuckle.  Most things aren’t that serious.  A lot of the really serious things are beyond our control.  Remember the universe wants the best for you.  This knowledge is helpful.

Spread love… Peace and Blessings


4 thoughts on “Gimme A Break

  1. I really appreciate you opening yourself and sharing this lesson of yours with us. I took a lot from it and I am proud of your dedication to your “regimens” as much as I am the fact that at your “tenderoni” age that you are still seeking life’s lessons and being open to always learning to be your best self!! VA

  2. Great post! Isn’t wonderful when we can give ourselves that break? We tend to be so overly critical of our lives, which is our journey more than we realize at times … well put!

  3. Really good post. I just strive to be the best I can be but I am getting better at being a better me. This means trying to stay on time and no promising things I can’t do. BTW. Can you get the wife to forgive me for future mistakes? Ask her to “Gimme A Break” *GRIN*

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