What’s Not To Love About You?

Most people, on any given day are able at the drop of a hat to list all of their imperfections.  They have this list at the ready, no hesitation- ready, aim, fire.  Yet, when asked to list attributes, often there is a pause while one ponders the answer.  Most of us are far more comfortable with stating our flaws rather than our assets.  We don’t want to brag.  We don’t want to appear conceited or arrogant, or any other words that are sometimes applied to give a negative connotation to a positive self-image.  I’m suggesting a long-needed shift of perspective is in the air.  If you haven’t caught wind of it yet, I implore you to get while the getting is good.  In order to give your best self to others you must have a complete awareness of who your best self is.

And yes, that involves the ability to state at the drop of a hat all the things about you that make you beautifully wonderfully you.   Some of us are so programmed to be critical of self that we aren’t even aware of the steps involved in changing that self-image.  I am no psychologist but here are my recommendations:

  1. Look at yourself- inside and out.  What do you see?  Are your eyes an unusually beautiful shade of (insert color here)?  Do they shine especially bright?  Is your physique one that make grown men or women cry?  Is your hair a beautiful color that others envy?  Internally, does your spirit shine bright even when you think no one is looking?  Is your heart full of compassion for others?  Do you have a servant’s spirit?
  2. If this mirror view does not help you, think about the things that others always compliment.  I guarantee when you think about it there will be quite a list.
Once you are aware of the positive qualities that make you shine, embrace them.  When people compliment you, thank them.  There is absolutely no need to offer “that’s not true but thank you.”  Obviously the other party thinks it is true or they wouldn’t offer the compliment.  Don’t negate a compliment by offering an insult of yourself instead.  Honestly, that is unnecessary.  You are diminishing your own shine.

Love you.  Be you.  Shine.  Show the world your best.  I make you some promises that will result from this:

  1. The quality of your interactions will increase.
  2. The quality of people you attract will increase.
  3. You will feel better mentally and physically.
  4. You will encourage others to shine in like manner.
I would love to see your comments on this one.  What’s not to love about you?
Spread love…peace and blessings.

2 thoughts on “What’s Not To Love About You?

  1. I love many things about myself and what stands out is the size of my heart and my willingness to learn, great post!

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