All In Its Own Time

“You cannot learn other people’s lessons for them. They must do the work themselves, and they’ll do it when they’re ready.” – Louise L. Hay

There is a lot of power in this statement.  It is also empowering.  For me the message is not one of pessimism but optimism.  We are all here for a purpose with individual lessons to learn.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that your lessons are for you alone and in your own time?

The message is also freeing.  I  have come to the understanding that most people get where they need to be when they need to be there.  When that happens for them is out of my control and should also be out of my concern.  If I am concentrating on what I may have already learned and what you have yet to learn I am altering the timing of my realization of the next lesson.  And if the person does NOT get the lesson or desire to learn it?  Is it then my job to “assist” their learning?  Absolutely not.  Perhaps each lesson is not for each person.  Perhaps the lesson all along is still yours-maybe it is to share your knowledge and move on.  Focus on self evolution.

When we truly accept that others will do things “when they are ready” we are free to refocus our attentions inward.  There is peace in acknowledging that our time is not someone else’s.  We are not all scheduled to grow to the same point nor achieve the same accomplishments.

While it helps to acknowledge these points about others, we are especially at peace when we internalize the message.  Do not let someone else make you feel less than worthy because you are not where they expect you to be.  It is ok.  God/the universe recognizes and accepts that you will get there when you need to be and essentially on that timing you are only accountable to God and yourself.

So I guess the base of this quote is again one of  “gimme a break.” Release yourself and others from the expectation that someone else’s time frame must be adhered to.  Everything happens “all in its own time.”


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