Don’t Worry About the Cover, Worry About the Pages


There is an old adage: never judge a book by its cover.  We all have a surface idea of what this means. Don’t be fooled by pretty covers and fancy text.  The test of the quality of a book is in its pages.  We’ve heard this for years.  Yet, I notice that some of us spend a lot of time fancying up our covers.  We are very concerned about how we are perceived by others and what their impression of us is.

I see this phenomenon takes place often  in the presentation of our home.  Some of us go to extreme efforts to take care of our exterior.  The landscaping is perfect.  We personally maintain or pay someone to perform that task on a weekly basis.  We paint as needed (if required),  resurface our driveways.  We do whatever is required for our home to have curb appeal and there is nothing wrong with that in principle.  An issue comes, however, if someone comes to visit only to find plumbing issues, dishes in the sink, unappealing odors, and less than pristine conditions inside.

Young ladies in our society are taught through the media, peer pressure, and sometimes within their own families that they have to look like Beyonce, or Fergie with the body to match.  If this includes enhancing body parts, adding someone else’s  hair, or wearing garments that give you the appearance of having more than you are blessed with then so be it.

Little time is spent emphasizing the quality of the living space or the person.  We don’t invite others into our homes with “welcome, we invite you into our space of tranquility and love.”  We invite you in and offer to “show you around”  which is code for “come in and look at the beauty of my stuff.”  What about the beauty of the family unit that lives in the home, the love that is exhibited in even the worst of times, the encouragement that is shown which is resulting in straight A students?  That seems to be less important.  Just look at the stuff- the cover.

We begin with the smallest of girls saying  “She’s so pretty.  Oh look at her hair, her eyes, etc.”  What if she is not pretty?  Everyone is not made to be.  What if instead she is brilliantly gifted academically or musically?  What if she is none of the above but works extremely hard and is thus rewarded by excelling in whatever path she chooses to take in life.  Are her accomplishments diminished by the fact that she is less than beautiful?

I know we are all attracted to beauty.  Our eye seeks it out.  I am not saying that there is anything wrong with seeking beauty, showing yourself in your best light or being attracted to the attractive.  I am saying that is the shell.  The beautiful home, the nice car, the well-paying job, the beautiful face and the well toned body are nothing if you don’t work on the meat of the matter-  the inside; the pages.  The cover of the book is attractive for one reason: to entice you to read the book.  Are your pages worth reading?  I hope so.  I know I am certainly giving all to enhancing the quality of my story.  You can tear the cover off for all I care and sell it at a discount.  I still strive to be worth reading.  🙂

Spread love… peace and blessings.



5 thoughts on “Don’t Worry About the Cover, Worry About the Pages

  1. “I still strive to be worth reading…” I don’t think you know how flukkin’ strong of a comment this is!! Going on FB NOW!!

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