The Person You Have To Be Most Honest With Is Yourself

We all have subjects we discuss and when we do we give a variation of “the party line” as our discussion point.   We say what is expected, what is least likely to rankle, or what puts us in the best light.  It’s human we all do it.  Some of us dabble in the worlds of social networking and we certainly are conscious of the impressions others hold of us there.  Some even have “alternate” personalities (especially on Twitter) where they express themselves in ways that they never would in a face to face situation.  I make no judgement of how people choose to operate within their realms of their internet experiences nor their interpersonal interactions, but I suggest that there is one person you HAVE to be honest with.  Yes HAVE to be,  and that person is yourself.

It is only through honest self- examination that we are able to grow into our best selves. The following are just a few of the reasons why honesty should be your best policy.

1.  acknowledgement of fear- we cannot conquer what we don’t acknowledge.  You can tell your friends that you don’t go to the beach because you don’t like the sand, but fear of water when you can’t swim can be very debilitating.  By admitting to yourself that you are a non or inexperienced swimmer you will free your mind of the weight of the fear.  Hopefully you will then be motivated to (in this case) take lessons or do whatever is necessary to conquer the fear.  The most crippling thing about fear is the fear itself.  By acknowledging the existence of such you begin your journey along the road to freedom from it.

2.  Recognizing procrastination- sometimes the reason we have not done something is simply because we have been sitting around procrastinating.  Sure we may offer up grandiose excuses as to why the action has not occurred but honestly it is because one has not yet bothered to make the effort.  Again, you don’t have to admit it to me, but the interesting thing is that once you admit that to yourself somehow you now have the catalyst to move forward and “get ‘er done.”

3.  You don’t have to like everyone and everyone won’t like you.  Yup, I said it.  Everyone is not for everybody.  That being said, it’s ok to admit to yourself “I just don’t like him/her.”  You don’t really have to justify it.  It is what it is.  Free yourself from forcing the issue.  Though my sidenote is sometimes we can learn the most from those we like the least.  I’ll just let you marinate on that one for a bit.  🙂

4.  Sometimes, no a lot of times, the only person holding you back is … YOU!  Take an honest assessment of how you are living your life- the energy you project, the things you spend time on, the people you spend time with, etc.  Within this assessment you will notice where the stumbling blocks lie.  Minimize or eliminate them and move forward to the better life ahead.  (We all have some areas where our life could improve, correct?)

I’m merely scratching the surface here, but I think you see my point.  We all hold within us the ability to do great things.  There is a reason for your existence at this time and in this place.  No one is a space filler.  Be honest with yourself and hopefully others as well and move into your destined path to greatness.

Spread love…peace and blessings


3 thoughts on “The Person You Have To Be Most Honest With Is Yourself

  1. Ummm…did you write this just for (about) me? Because you could have just emailed it to me and not put all my business in the streets! LOL!
    Thanks, I needed to hear this today!

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