Encourage Yourself

Sometimes no matter how positive a person you are life can begin to weigh on you.  Let’s face it.  We all have worries, insecurities and doubts that we primarily keep to ourselves.  Sure we may invite someone into the neighborhood of what is going on, maybe even give them the street address,  but a lot of times when are most overwhelmed we don’t let anyone into the house.  Don’t want them to see the clutter of things that is dragging us down. Not letting others in is just one of the reasons why we not be as encouraged as we would like to be by others.  Other reasons may include but are not limited to: people’s assessment that you have brought your problems/challenges upon yourself, you are a person who is ALWAYS going through something (the person who cries wolf), your goals and dreams far exceed those of the rest of your circle and they just can’t relate, or perhaps you are a person who chooses to handle everything solo.  Regardless of the reason, there are many times in life where you have to encourage yourself.

Because you are the only one who knows ALL of the details of your circumstances you are often more overwhelmed than people may realize.  This is the time where a serious mind shift is in order.  Understand and BELIEVE that whatever you conceive you can achieve.  Know that nothing worth having in life comes easily and know that you truly are the master of your own fate.  All clichés you say?  Well you are right, but they are also all truths.  When things get toughest and you feel like you can’t go on you really are closest to your breakthrough.  Tee that’s just a saying.  How do you know that to be true?  Well I don’t in every case but do me a favor.  Talk yourself into hanging in there while continuing to do the work and then advise me of the results.

If you have done any work on yourself in the maturation process, then you should know yourself better than anyone else does.  Even in the toughest of times you know what you are most capable of doing to turn the tide.  Knowledge is power and that power will give you the catalyst to change – to do what is necessary to alter the momentum.  As you encourage yourself, change naturally  occurs.  You know what else is a natural result of this?  As others begin to see the strides you are making they encourage you more.  And after all, isn’t that what you desired in the first place?  You see the results show people what your goals are even if you have been reluctant to share said information.

So here’s my suggestion for both you and me: stop listening to that little voice in your head that expresses doubt and offers excuses.  As a matter of fact, you have my permission to tell it to “shut the hell up!”  Replace that voice with an even stronger one that whispers, speaks, then shouts “I can do all things…” You are strong, you are capable, you are able.  And when there is no one else around to remind you of this, encourage yourself.



2 thoughts on “Encourage Yourself

  1. I say just kill the mofo with the little voice!! 🙂 Be assured that everyone has these feelings, you will get past them in no time, but don’t be afraid to call on old Ike if you need a friend to encourage you!!

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