Sports Life Lessons

My 15 year old son and I have  conversations  about sports and prize money.  You see I started him playing tennis at age 6 with his grandfather as his sponsor.  6 years ago my father passed away and the tennis training went on the decline.  My son is also in the second year of playing  golf for his school.  Most recently our discussions revolving around these sports centers on not only how much one can earn playing the sport but also how knowledge of the game can be used to one’s betterment regardless of whether one is a professional athlete or  not.

You see I don’t really expect my son to become a professional athlete.  If he advances to that level I will support him and be happy.  But, I will also support him in whatever endeavor he chooses.  Thus, it is important to note that golf and tennis are the top networking sports.  The tennis court and the golf course are where a lot of business deals are discussed.  I learned under the tutelage of Dean Sybil C. Mobley at the School of Business and Industry at the illustrious Florida A&M University.  You can’t expect  to be included in the deals if you don’t know how to play the games.

There are other lessons at play here as well.  James Blake is the number ten top tennis earner and has never won a grand slam.  So why does he earn so much money a year?  Because people  appreciate and respect his story (I’m not going to share it.  I want you to know it by looking it up.  😉 ) He is handsome, personable, and you want to root for him.  Most of the individual sports players earn far more from endorsements than they do from winning.  Serena Williams earns $60  million every 5 years from Nike and has a lifetime contract.

On a far different angle, I read news today of an athlete from my alma mater (FAMU) who was apparently killed by a lover.  I discussed with my son that nothing that happens at the hands of another person is worth taking their life over and going to jail for.  Nor, is it worth taking your life.  You can be on top of the world and lose everything;  feeling in a sense as if your life is over.  But  it is NOT.  Prove it you say?  Gladly, Michael Vick had a $100 million contract,before being sent to jail for dog fighting, to play football and as of last week has another.  One wonders how does lightening strike twice like that.  It’s not lightening and it’s not luck.  He refused to give up and I’m sure that’s what sustained him even as he served his sentence.

Yes, the sports arena offers many life lessons.  One of which may be that it’s all just a game and winning is an attitude.  Understand that and you will always win.

Spread love…peace and blessings.


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