…The Serenity to Accept The Things I Can Not Change

Webster’s Dictionary describes serenity as the quality of being serene with serene defined as suggestive of utter calm and unruffled repose.  And therein lies one of the greatest challenges that I face in life.  It is one of my constant battles- accepting the things I can not change with serenity.   You see, my adult mind understands that everything does not go my way and I don’t get everything that I desire.  I understand and I primarily accept these things as fact.  Accepting them with unruffled repose  is the challenge.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression here.  I’m not stomping up and down and throwing a tantrum because I’m not getting my way.  I am  however suffering some degree of unnecessary angst.  I have friends (attorney types who must learn this in law school- serenity 101) who counsel me with “it doesn’t matter, ”  “it is what it is, ” and “don’t worry about it, things work themselves out.”  Intellectually I know these things to be true, but I struggle with the notion of shrugging some things off and accepting what is.  Little things, I roll with.  It’s when the issue relates to people closest to me or ideals that I hold most dear where the trouble begins.

So what does one do?  One does the work.  Generally the most difficult tasks for us are the tied to the lessons we MOST need to learn.  So I first recognize when I’m at that point of “unsettledness,” and then I give myself a good talking to.  I had such an instance occur on Saturday.  There is a truth I’m encountering that I don’t want to recognize as such.  As part of that resistance I decided to push the envelope thus sending myself into a tailspin when the result of my action pointed right back to what I know to be the truth.  All this occurs on my way into work.  So, by my own doing, I arrive at work out of sorts, melancholy and dealing with a lot of mental  angst.

Now most of you know I am a strong believer in the Law of Attraction and within that the notion that we can manifest our desires by our thought patterns.  That being said, I also strongly believe that we are sent messages to help reset our thinking.  That’s what happened to me on this occasion.  I arrive at work out of sorts and within an hour I am reminded that while I am expending all of this energy on something that I can not change I am surrounded by solutions to the issue that are within my control.  I was overjoyed with the realization. There was a  strong reminder that I can accept the things I can not change with utter calm because the universe will always offer an often better alternative.  If your spirit is open to receive it that is.

I would love to hear your suggestions for how to win this battle.  Serenity is a constant goal.  I strive to live in peace while spreading love.

Spread love…peace and blessings.


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