Why I’m Still So Glad I’m From FAMU

This past weekend for the second time in three years I attended the Atlanta football classic featuring FAMU vs Southern University in a battle of both football teams and band bragging rights.  FAMU, naturally, won both battles.  I love attending the Atlanta game and Homecoming because I am always reminded of one thing: I’m so glad I’m from FAMU.  Yes it is a song that we sing, but it is also a true feeling that we share.  Below you will find some of the myriad of reasons why once again I’m glad to be a Rattler:

1.  FAMUans love their school and they love one another.  It really is that simple.

2. FAMUans know how to party.  I’m not talking about the 20-year-old set here.  Trust and believe that I am also speaking of the 40 +.  Special shout out to Jemal Gibson and Keshia Walker on this one.  Jemal throws the best house party around and Keshia is party promoter extraordinaire.

3. FAMU men take care of their women.  Not speaking romantically just speaking.  If you are a female and you are with your boys they have got your back.  Period.

4. FAMUans are FAMUly.  Some call it camaraderie.  Some call it a cult.  We just call it FAMUly love.  We may say and do what we like to each other ( 😉 ) but come for one of us and let another see it and the Rattler will strike, strike, and strike again.

5.  The Marching 100- no more needs to be said.  Someone said to me prior to me taking my trip “but Southern has a really good band.”  Yes, Southern has a really cute little starter band and they tried but they do not have a great band.   There was no comparison between the starter band and the REAL band that took the field.  Southern looked like the little McDonald’s band that opened the halftime show.  Cute, trying really hard, and one day they might get there.

6.  Somehow we manage to pull off making the colors orange and green look REALLY good.

7.  Our dj’s are the best.  Kind of  like the band they are known nationwide.  Shout out to my buddy DJ Vince Adams who kept the parties going.

8.  FAMUans have heart.  Shouts out to Marc Christmas and A London Arrington for daring to go against the wind and do something different.

These are but a few of the reasons I’m so glad that I attended Florida A&M University.  It’s hard to put the feelings into words- especially in this type of forum.  All I can say is I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world- then or now.  Much love Rattlers. sssssssss


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