Lessons From The Past Can Reshape Your Future

As hopefully you are all aware the purpose of this blog is to add a little joy to your day, add a dose of sunshine or just give you something to think about.  Sometimes that comes by way of a funny story (getting lost in DC), sometimes it is anecdotal and sometimes it is via a more serious looking topic.  Today we are in serious topic neighborhood, but it is my hope that by the end of piece you will find something that will bring you cheer.

In the past few days I have been mentally delving into my the closet of my past.  A series of conversations have led me to begin to comment on possible reasons for the way I am about certain things.  Not excuses,  just explanations of behavior and choices.  I have frankly been a little astonished by the revelations.  I realize that I am letting the past affect me to a much larger degree than I ever imagined. And to imagine I figured  this all out for free without counseling.  lol

While the incidents that formed my thoughts were indeed traumatic they did not have to be life altering.  Did not have to be but they were.  If there is one regret it is that I’ve allowed my internalization of these events hold me back in some ways.  I have not allowed my light to shine as brightly as possible because of other people.  This is not a good thing.  I am withholding my gifts, denying my purpose.  I was not made to do that.

As I shared part of my observations with a friend he stated something to me that involved the phrase “shine girl.”  In sharing the phrase with another friend an idea was born.  A Cup of Cheer is my baby. I intend to continue to nurture this brand as it grows into the vision that I have for it.  However, I also recognize that for a multitude of reasons many girls, young ladies, women do no allow themselves to shine at their highest wattage.  I can’t save the world, but one girl/young lady/woman at a time I am going to work with others on putting the incidents of their past behind them and shining as they press forward.  Interestingly enough, the guest minister at my church yesterday preached on pressing forward.  This for me was confirmation that I am on the right track.

Some of you are already in my cross hairs.  I’m coming to you for help with this project.  Look to hear from me soon.  I have fully ingested the lesson :your past is a part of you but does not have to define you.  We are reflections of the God within and that is nothing but goodness and love.

I’m off and running and I’m not turning back.  Shine, girl!!!

Spread love…peace and blessings.


2 thoughts on “Lessons From The Past Can Reshape Your Future

  1. *goes to look for some size 14 running shoes*

    *checks texts and phone call log on phone*

    If you remember, I’m fond of saying “Don’t let your past affect your future.” While no one want to repeat prior mistakdes, you can’t allow the past to paralyze/stigmatize you so much that you don’y try to become who you were meant be. I think Oprah is a classic example of this.

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