No one is immune from down periods in life.  They may come as a result of your own actions or things beyond your control.  They may be short-lived or last for a while.  Any way you slice it, we all have them.  What differs from person to person is our approach to these periods.  What do we or can we do to facilitate our way out of the darkness?  More and more I am sure that the key lies in two simple words: do something.

I believe that the more we sit around and wallow in our troubles, hosting our own pity party, reminding ourselves of what all we don’t have, can’t do, etc. the more down we become.  Instead get moving both mentally and physically.  Exercise releases endorphins which are known to be great mood regulators.  Feeling depressed? Don’t have or can’t afford a gym membership? Walking and dancing are great free exercises and many community centers, churches, and Y’s offer classes that are very reasonable.   So, the party will wait while you get out and get moving and I suspect you will find that you are ready to postpone it for another day upon your return.

Being unemployed or underemployed is very demoralizing.  It hurts to feel that your contributions are no longer desired.  It hurts even more to feel as if no one sees the value you have to offer.  Being underemployed is no picnic.  Especially as a friend recently put it being “chronically underemployed.”  Everyone with a healthy sense of self-esteem has at least a reasonable idea of their own worth.  When you are not able to obtain employment that validates that value to both yourself and others it is indeed demoralizing.  To work and realize that you make less than someone who receives unemployment benefits is heart wrenching.  So what is the solution?  Are there any? Of course there are.  While you continue to look for a job or one that substantiates your worth you can get additional training related to the job you would LIKE to have.  But that costs money that I don’t have.  Not necessarily!! There are resource materials in the library.  There are also many training programs available free on-line.  You probably have the time.  It’s at least worth the effort to look into it.

My relationship has fallen to pieces, I am in the middle of a divorce, my wo/man has left me, I can’t seem to find anyone.  All places that most of us find ourselves in at one point or another.  I’m so depressed, upset, down.  I don’t want to do anything but sit around and cry/sulk/pout.  Do something.  You are not going to attract a person of quality by sitting around being a bitter man/woman. No one wants to hear the constant woes of your past relationships.  Use this time to work on you- yes you.  While I am certain that person was a dirty, rotten scoundrel there are aspects of you that could use tweaking as well.  🙂 Take the time to take an honest look at what you did to lead to the demise of your last relationship and use that as a catalyst for change in the future.   The effort will be well rewarded.  You may just have to trust me on this one.

Disclaimer: this blog was inspired by a poem I wrote on 10/8/11.  I found myself falling down into the dumps and a voice came into my head and said “well things are bad but they don’t have to stay that way.  Instead of just sitting around complaining about it DO SOMETHING.” This poem was birthed out of that realization:


Sometimes life deals us
the very worst of hands
and there seems little we can do

Sometimes our friends leave us
and no one seems to understand
what can we do

Sometimes the bills are many
and the jobs are few
what in the world am I to do

Sometimes the things I ignore
come to the forefront
and hide no more

Many times it is easy to say
there is nothing I can do
my resources are few

Many times I don’t
make the first move
waiting for you to choose

Your life will not change
if you continue to do

Tiny baby steps
build momentum
that leads to giant leaps

Failure is an option
but not doing anything
is already failing

In the face of failure
in the face of loss
in the face of ridicule

Those who laugh and scoff
are not helping you now
so what does it matter

The universe is designed
to provide what you need
and give you what you want

No matter where you are
no matter what the obstacles
you are a winner if you just

TB-S 10/9/11

Spread love…peace and blessings.



4 thoughts on “DO SOMETHING

  1. It’s true, we get stuck and we feel that’s easier than doing something. It seems very easy to say just “do something” but it’s harder to continue with negative self talk and living in despair. And let’s not forget that sometimes doing something means seeking professional help. There is no shame in needing and seeking help.

  2. Volunteering is a great way to DO SOMETHING. No, you may not get paid, but you can help others and you may forge a relationship that leads to a fulfilling job. Bitching and moaning can be fun (sometimes), but they don’t pay the bills OR change your situation. I like the way you expanding the idea of the posem to the blog! *thumbs up*

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