Hold Up the Light

Hold up the light

Today I will recognize and focus upon the good that is within everyone I encounter. It’s the God in me… and them. : -)

We all are made with good and love within. Spreading that is one of our main purposes in life.  Yet, I often find myself getting stuck on focusing on the negativity that another person presents.  This focus causes a momentary muddling of my eyesight such that I momentarily lose sight of all that is good and right about them.  Thus I sometimes have to remind myself that no matter what happens I will see the good.  By doing this I am also shining my light brightly.  Focusing on other’s shortcomings is not a loving act.  I certainly have enough of my own shortcomings should I wish to focus on some.

Some people make themselves easy targets of the above mentioned behavior.  They have been hurt, harmed, abused and misused and feel most comfortable if they can make you feel as they do.  What must be understood is that some people have endured some extremely undesirable circumstances. They were never encouraged to let their inner light shine.  They have not been enlightened.   Understanding this allows one to look further than the surface presentation. We can see the light that shines however dimly; and by letting them know we see it, we allow them to shine.

So join with me if you dare.  See the light in others.  Look hard to see what is good.  It does wonders for them but will also cause a transformation in your life.  When you see light it reflects off of you.  As you look to others with no malicious thoughts and intentions your light reflects back from them.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I have been on the receiving end of someone helping me see the beauty that is me and trust me when I tell you it is indeed one the greatest gifts I ever received. Try to get to and understand the other person’s woes and struggles.  Help them through either consciously or unconsciously.  Hold up the light.  Allow them to shine.

Spread love… peace and blessings



One thought on “Hold Up the Light

  1. Very good point about those that have never been encouraged to shine…I just wonder, would they recognize when you, I, or someone else is trying to help them shine? I’m not saying that one should not make that effort, but we are all aware of the poor’s man definition of insanity.

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