Don’t Worry, Be Happy

In life we encounter difficulties, we struggle, and we have challenges to overcome.  Sometimes the challenges are mental, sometimes they are physical, sometimes they are environmental, and oftentimes they are financial.  When faced with difficulties and challenges, the natural thing to do is worry. “How is this going to turn out? Will everything be alright? What if  the outcome doesn’t go my way?” While it is natural to worry, worrying provides no rewards; so, don’t worry be happy.

Worrying causes stress. It has been proven (though I don’t have the statistics readily at hand) that stress causes and exacerbates a laundry list of diseases and ailments.  The phrase “you are gonna worry yourself sick” is not just an old wives’ tale but a medically proven fact.  Thus, the trick is to take some time find ways to overcome the worry.  Exercise releases endorphins that have been shown to be pick me ups.  So, if you are feeling really anxious about something one of the best things to do is get moving.  I know, you don’t feel like it because you are down in the dumps.  That is exactly the time WHEN you need to get up and get out.  By putting your wheels in motion you will naturally help yourself both feel and look better.

Another way to bring yourself relief is to focus on what makes you happy.  For me that comes in the form of music.  Ever since I left home to go 900+ miles away to college, I have turned to music to get me through the homesick/down times. I am very into lyrics and thus have always been able to find some song that relates EXACTLY to what I’m feeling.  Sometimes that song made me cry, but the feeling that someone else understood what I was feeling made me feel better.  Music may not be what does it for you.  It may be reading, spending time with children, writing, whatever.  Find individual, holistic ways to heal thyself.

You do know the “funniest” thing about worrying don’t you?  90% of the things that we worry will happen don’t.  So by worrying you have made yourself sick, tired, and miserable over something that more than likely will not occur.  So, on this Monday afternoon I say to you as loudly as I am saying  to myself: don’t worry,  be happy.


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