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You Are Enough To Be A Blessing

Who I am

is nice enough

smart enough

pretty enough

kind enough

giving enough

compassionate enough

willing enough


to be a blessing to someone else

and who you are

whatever qualities you possess

are enough to be a blessing to me

for who you are

and what you do

is enough

as long as you are willing

to open yourself

to let your light shine

to spread love

to walk in someone else’s shoes

to be the one that matters

that’s all it takes

and that is more than enough

for us to bless one another today

Spread love… peace and blessings


What is taking you so LONG?!

About a week ago I had a revelation.  To say it was startling would be a lie but it was a case where it was something I could no longer deny. There were lessons that the Universe was trying its darndest to teach and which I was trying equally hard not to learn.

The unequivocal and ultimate truth about lessons that I know is this: until you learn the lesson it will keep repeating.  So the natural question is “dummy, why were you fighting the lessons so hard?”  Honestly, I don’t know!  But, what I do know is the main one kept coming at me- over and over, stronger and stronger.  And each time my insides got more and more twisted.  You know what that feeling is  don’t you?  That’s God speaking to you. The God that lies within you.  Every time you go against it, you feel more and more uncomfortable.

So, here I am getting hit more and more often (with the same lesson) and feeling more and more uncomfortable.  Why was I fighting so hard to have my own way? Good question and one to which I wish I had an answer.  Please trust and understand that I am not a stupid woman.  I am actually quite bright.  That being said, I was obviously going through a “slow” period.  So, what turned things around?  A football game.  My beloved Ravens lost their Super Bowl quest last night and I lost my will to fight.  My will to fight an obviously losing battle was gone.  My resolve to do it my way  was no more.  I got hit with that lesson again in my weakened and tired (chaperoning a youth retreat all weekend) state and I was too spent to do anything but accept the now PAINFULLY obvious facts that lie before me.

All that being said, I’m thankful for the process for in it I learned the original lesson and I also learned the lesson of submitting to that which is being taught.  It’s not easy.  I’m not the most submissive of people; but, I suspect that is part of the lesson as well.  Here’s the whole thing in summary: lessons are there to be learned.  They will haunt you until you do so.  Why fight it? If you call yourself an intelligent person get with the program so that you, the Universe, and others around you are not left wondering “what  is taking you so LONG?!”

Spread love…peace and blessings

Dare To Be Great Every Day

It’s the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday today. It is a day when many reflect on the achievements that black people made as a result of Dr. King’s actions, thoughts, and words.  Many become re-inspired to do more to further uplift their community. It is wonderful to relive the speeches, to watch the movies, and to witness the commitments people make to further change.

I guess if I had one dream today it would be that we could find some catalyst that spurs us to these feelings and commitments on a daily basis. Too often we don’t give to the poor because we are distrustful of what they will do with the money. We work to champion our pet causes, but not the cause of all.  Some of us have “made it” and do not look back and give back to the extent that we could and should.

If there is anything that I glean from listening to the speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. it is that we are all in this together.  If one falters, we all falter. “Moving on up” has taken us away from nuclear neighborhoods leading some to think if we don’t go there we can ignore the plight. The truth is with a greater sense of  community our young men would not be allowed to have sagging pants and drop out of school at alarming rates, our young ladies would carry themselves as such, and our elderly would not be neglected and abused in centers and homes where they are not treated as the jewels that they are.

I challenge you, dear readers, to really live the dream.  Dare to be great and make your mark on society and the world.  What will be your legacy?  Not just on today when you are inspired by someone else’s greatness but on the days when you’d rather stay in bed not go out to make your mark instead?  It doesn’t start with 250,000 marching to the Nation’s Capital on a given day.  It starts with you serving your neighbors and your community  TODAY.

Spread love…peace and blessings.



a lack of motivation

leads to procrastination

which can then cause aggravation


with the proper amount of consideration

one can find the determination

to follow your dreams

and achieve your goals

No need for consternation

you have to decide

to get ‘er done

to make it happen

to just do it

How do you get started

You stop making excuses

No need for explanation

You elevate your station

You avoid temptation

for the duration

of the time it takes

to reach the end point

The point where

you feel elation

over a job well done

It may turn out to be

your salvation

but you can’t get it

from your familial relations

Only you can do it

It won’t come from dictation

No one can motivate you

through accusation

You have to want it

Need it

Desire to do better

I wish you the best

in summation.

Are You Living The Life You Envisioned For Yourself?

It’s that time of year.  The college applications have been submitted or are in their final stages of preparation. High school seniors around the country await the offers of acceptance or rejection. What an exciting period of life.  I am known to state that my years at Florida A&M University represent some of the best years of my life (also some of the worst but somehow the good way overshadows the bad).  It was the time in which I came into my own as a woman and also respresented a time of great promise.  What would the future hold?  What would I “be” once I graduated?  How would I make my mark on the world?

Well, it has been a few years since my college days (there’s really no need to count how many 🙂 ) and a question on a fellow classmate’s Facebook page raised a good question today. Are you where you thought you would be in college?  Are you happy with your life’s accomplishments?

For me I guess the best answer (other than “not yet”) is yes and no.  I am not where I thought I would be because I didn’t have a clear focus and direction on where I WANTED to be.  All I knew was that I wanted to graduate and earn a decent living.  In retrospect, I realize this lack of clear focus may have lead to my wandering through my adult years.  Even at my age of 29+ I still don’t fully know what I want to be when I grow up.  Yes, I have ideas.  The challenge is that I have so MANY ideas that it is difficult for me to limit my focus to just one 0r two.

I am, however, pleased with my non-occupational accomplishments. I have two wonderful children who are well adjusted, well behaved, independent thinking, highly intelligent people. They do very well in school and are much more socially well adjusted than I think I was at their respective ages (11,15).  I am also proud of my personal growth.  I am not comfortable just existing and work hard at living life in a positive, loving manner. I don’t always excel, but I certainly make the effort.

Here’s the light at the end of the tunnel for me.  There are a number of very accomplished people whose accomplishments came late in life.  Some of us take longer than others to find our true calling and some of us walk less traveled roads.  I know that I have a lot of life ahead of me.  Thus, though I am not yet where I want to be (especially financially) there is hope for the future.  I simply have to go get it.

I do recognize that not everyone chooses or needs to take the college route.  There are many wonderful paths to take in life.  The question still remains.  So, whether you were college bound or road of life bound: are you living the live you envisioned?

I really look forward to your responses to this question.

Spread love… peace and blessings.