a lack of motivation

leads to procrastination

which can then cause aggravation


with the proper amount of consideration

one can find the determination

to follow your dreams

and achieve your goals

No need for consternation

you have to decide

to get ‘er done

to make it happen

to just do it

How do you get started

You stop making excuses

No need for explanation

You elevate your station

You avoid temptation

for the duration

of the time it takes

to reach the end point

The point where

you feel elation

over a job well done

It may turn out to be

your salvation

but you can’t get it

from your familial relations

Only you can do it

It won’t come from dictation

No one can motivate you

through accusation

You have to want it

Need it

Desire to do better

I wish you the best

in summation.


One thought on “Ation

  1. *snaps fingers in salute* When I saw the title, I gave it the old Scooby-Doo, but after reading it…GREAT title!!

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