Dare To Be Great Every Day

It’s the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday today. It is a day when many reflect on the achievements that black people made as a result of Dr. King’s actions, thoughts, and words.  Many become re-inspired to do more to further uplift their community. It is wonderful to relive the speeches, to watch the movies, and to witness the commitments people make to further change.

I guess if I had one dream today it would be that we could find some catalyst that spurs us to these feelings and commitments on a daily basis. Too often we don’t give to the poor because we are distrustful of what they will do with the money. We work to champion our pet causes, but not the cause of all.  Some of us have “made it” and do not look back and give back to the extent that we could and should.

If there is anything that I glean from listening to the speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. it is that we are all in this together.  If one falters, we all falter. “Moving on up” has taken us away from nuclear neighborhoods leading some to think if we don’t go there we can ignore the plight. The truth is with a greater sense of  community our young men would not be allowed to have sagging pants and drop out of school at alarming rates, our young ladies would carry themselves as such, and our elderly would not be neglected and abused in centers and homes where they are not treated as the jewels that they are.

I challenge you, dear readers, to really live the dream.  Dare to be great and make your mark on society and the world.  What will be your legacy?  Not just on today when you are inspired by someone else’s greatness but on the days when you’d rather stay in bed not go out to make your mark instead?  It doesn’t start with 250,000 marching to the Nation’s Capital on a given day.  It starts with you serving your neighbors and your community  TODAY.

Spread love…peace and blessings.


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