What is taking you so LONG?!

About a week ago I had a revelation.  To say it was startling would be a lie but it was a case where it was something I could no longer deny. There were lessons that the Universe was trying its darndest to teach and which I was trying equally hard not to learn.

The unequivocal and ultimate truth about lessons that I know is this: until you learn the lesson it will keep repeating.  So the natural question is “dummy, why were you fighting the lessons so hard?”  Honestly, I don’t know!  But, what I do know is the main one kept coming at me- over and over, stronger and stronger.  And each time my insides got more and more twisted.  You know what that feeling is  don’t you?  That’s God speaking to you. The God that lies within you.  Every time you go against it, you feel more and more uncomfortable.

So, here I am getting hit more and more often (with the same lesson) and feeling more and more uncomfortable.  Why was I fighting so hard to have my own way? Good question and one to which I wish I had an answer.  Please trust and understand that I am not a stupid woman.  I am actually quite bright.  That being said, I was obviously going through a “slow” period.  So, what turned things around?  A football game.  My beloved Ravens lost their Super Bowl quest last night and I lost my will to fight.  My will to fight an obviously losing battle was gone.  My resolve to do it my way  was no more.  I got hit with that lesson again in my weakened and tired (chaperoning a youth retreat all weekend) state and I was too spent to do anything but accept the now PAINFULLY obvious facts that lie before me.

All that being said, I’m thankful for the process for in it I learned the original lesson and I also learned the lesson of submitting to that which is being taught.  It’s not easy.  I’m not the most submissive of people; but, I suspect that is part of the lesson as well.  Here’s the whole thing in summary: lessons are there to be learned.  They will haunt you until you do so.  Why fight it? If you call yourself an intelligent person get with the program so that you, the Universe, and others around you are not left wondering “what  is taking you so LONG?!”

Spread love…peace and blessings


2 thoughts on “What is taking you so LONG?!

  1. Sometimes you don’t pay attention to the taps on the shoulder or the whispers in your ear; however, the slap across your face WILL definitely make one wake up and accept the lesson being taught!!

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