The Road To Good Health

I see people all of the time who are proud, as they well should be, of the accomplishments they have made towards good physical health.  Their eating habits have improved, they are exercising (at least a little), and they are drinking more water.  They may even be closer to getting the recommended amount of sleep per night. They are feeling good about themselves and I feel good for them.  However, … dun da da da… I would contend that they still might not be healthy.  Why not you ask?  Well, because in my most humble opinion to truly be in good health we have to take care of not just our bodies, but also our mind and our spirit.

The effects of exercising on a regular basis can be quickly negated if your weekend “entertainment” consists of drinking all of your calories.  And no, you know I’m not talking about smoothies or veggie juice.  A lot of the drinking is social in nature, but a lot of it is also related to an unsettled soul.  People drink to cure what ails them.  The same way you exercise your body you should exercise your mind.  Focus on the positive.  Look to do good for others.  Read for enrichment.  Meditate.  Find healthy ways to “self medicate.”   A healthy body means nothing if your mind is not focused on positive, uplifting things.  It has been proven that a lot of our medical health is based on the mental.  That alone ought to be more than enough encouragement. Get your mind right.

Related to your mental health is your spiritual health.  The most balanced people are those who live their life with some type of spiritual component.  Whatever your higher entity is and by whatever name you call that entity, get in touch with it.  Recognize and appreciate that there is something greater than yourself.  Most people are of the belief that the spirit of that entity resides within each of us.  Learn to get in touch with that source.  It is the source of all that is good.  It will help guide your choices and serves as a good moral barometer.  Most of the time when we are not “doing right” we have a nagging little feeling in the pit  of our stomach.  That is the higher source trying to communicate with you.  Learn to listen to it.

In summary, it is not about the specific exercises that you do, it is not about which specific scholars you read, and it is not about the name you give the God you choose to worship.  It is about the combination of the three.  Word hard on the trinity- body, mind, and soul and you will be a lot further along on the road to good health.  I have my backpack on my back trekking along.  Are you coming?  😉

Spread love…peace and blessings.




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