Love Me In A Special Way

Normally I write my blogs on Monday, the self-imposed due date.  No multi drafts for this kid.  Nope, I wait until the topic hits me, write, edit and post- normally in record time.  This week I’m doing things a little differently.  It is a Sunday afternoon and I am at the laptop.  There are two things that make this Sunday a tad different from a lot of other first days of the week.  First of all, it is the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, a holiday which I personally love.  Secondly, it is the day following the death of my most beloved Whitney Houston.  I, no doubt, would have written about love in this blog anyway, but now it has a much more poignant message.  As you know, the theme of A Cup of Cheer is to spread love.  Naturally that lends itself especially to the season of love as signified by Valentine’s Day.  This holiday will be a little different though.  Ever since I received news of Whitney’s passing yesterday evening I have been in a state of shock.  I found myself watching CNN for hours last night.  In that time period I saw and heard both fan and celebrity reactions to the news.  In the end, I had to turn off the television, to divorce myself from the situation if you will.  Why?  Because I kept thinking about how so many people seemed to have turned their backs on Whitney in recent years.  It caused me to write a Facebook status about it “Please, please, please don’t wait til I’m gone to talk about how wonderful I am. Sing my praises RIGHT NOW so I can hear them.” If there is any message I’m getting right now it is this : love me now.

Most people would be pleased to hear the accolades that come once they are gone.  But the truth is we do not know whether they hear them or not.  So, in cases like Whitney Houston’s, you have a person who was beloved and adored by fans all over the world.  These same fans, however, have been less than kind to her in recent years.  We know that Whitney has battled the demons of drug and alcohol addiction. It has been well documented.  We also know the “The Voice” was altered over the years.  Now, however, some of the same people who once mocked her are in mourning.  They are shedding tears for a woman who I’m sure at many times did not feel the love that is now being so freely expressed.

I say all of this to say I think a lot of us have it all wrong.  When you love someone let them know it.  Say it to them.  Say it to others. Love is more of an action than a feeling. It’s about what you do.  If you love me, you defend me, you protect me, you offer assistance, you check me when I need to be checked, you let me know that you care and that you are there. I am as guilty of this as everyone else.  There are some members of my family whom I love deeply but I don’t put the time in that I should with them.  It is true that time is precious and that we only have a certain amount of it.  True but no excuse. We ALL find the time to do the things we really want to do.

As we approach Valentine’s Day some will write it off as a commercial enterprise.  They don’t feel that they should be told when to express their love to someone.  I agree wholeheartedly.  We need to be diligent in showing love daily.  I do challenge you to take Valentine’s Day as a reminder to boost up your love game.  “Love me in a special way. What more can I say. Just love me now.”  When I’m gone is 5 minutes too late.   Happy Valentine’s Day.

Spread love…peace and blessings.


One thought on “Love Me In A Special Way

  1. Celebrating you now and thanking you now for the truly wonderful friend that you are. Thanks for the love and guidance always and you should know that today. 🙂 Big hugs and have a great week!! VA

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