The Beauty of Sharing

We all have them: the day, the week, sometimes even the month when we are down in the dumps, feeling the blues, nothing is going right and we wonder what is our purpose in life.  Many of us get frustrated at such a time.  We  withdraw into ourselves and “ride it out.” For some, this action can be dangerous as it leads to excessive levels of depression.  For others, it is thought to be the cure that is needed to help get themselves together again.  I will readily admit that I am currently in one of those spaces.  Instead of shutting down and closing in on myself as I would normally do I decided to take a different approach.

I actually decided to share a little of what I’m experiencing with a few close and trusted friends.  The result, a mere 24 hours after the fact has been interesting to say the least.  Those who appreciate the cheer I share with them were more than happy to help fill up my cup.  A small act on their part, no doubt, but hugely appreciated by me.  The lesson is that sometimes people can’t give you what you need if they are not aware that you need it.  The next lesson is one that I’ve known but I love the reinforcement. It comes from a young lady who was wise beyond her years named Anne Frank: “despite everything, I truly believe that people are really good at heart.”

I know the temptation is there to not share disappointments and mistakes.  You figure no one wants to hear of your troubles or that you may be judged.  While this is a risk it doesn’t outweigh the rewards. Especially when your strongest desire is to withdraw, don’t keep everything to yourself.  Be willing to step out on a limb and share your experiences.  They may help someone else to heal and in the process you may find some or many who help you heal as well.  It all comes down to spreading love.  It’s true that no one wants to hear someone’s tales of woe all of the time, but people are far more desirous than you may believe to help someone else along the way.

Spread love…peace and blessings


6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Sharing

  1. I am definitely guilty of withdrawing, I suppose I figure that eventually my friends will get sick of me always moaning, so its easier to pretend that I am fine, or make excuses not to see my friends at all.

  2. Yes I know they do. Until I fall apart and end up in hospital again, or crying my eyes out through Mass yesterday, or going out for a birthday dinner and sobbing over a nice message a friend wrote in a card.

  3. Great points here. It has been surprising in my own experiences to the nature of friends or strangers extending their support when they hear their calling to help. Notably, when I make my desire of support known: bluntly or subtlety, the receiving validation is extremely rewarding to ones self esteem and it’s good to know that not all people are evil 🙂

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