In Praise of Womanhood

My sisters

You make me proud

Of all that you are

And all that you can be

You make me want to become

The very best me

You carry the burden

In a lot of instances

Of raising your boys into men

While still allowing them to be children

Of teaching your girls

That life is not all dresses and curls

A lady needs to have her own

And be her best

Stand up for yourself

Face any test

While at the same time

Maintain that is which is soft

The core of your femininity

For a man needs to feel like a man

And THAT you have to understand

So while you are “holding him down”

Make sure you always build him up

My sisters you speak with dulcet tones

In ways that make others feel that they are one of your own

You open your heart and your home

To anyone in need

Your spirit is golden

One never has to plead

You shoulder the load

Of generations of your family

You are the matriarch

The rock upon which they all stand

The men of the family say

She helped me become a better man

The table abounds with foods

Deliciously sprinkled with love

The cornerstone you stand on

Is that we are all blessed from above

My sisters you rule the boardroom

Showing men the true meaning of multi-tasking

While they may lead a somewhat charmed life

You remind your coworkers

“Hey buddy I am the wife”

You are the caretaker, waymaker, executrix,

The bomb lady who finds the way out of any fix

You are my example

My go to girl

You make me proud to realize

That no dream “dreamable” is out of this world

My sisters

This is my ode to you

I want to say thank you

You are appreciated

You are admired

You are loved

For all that you do

For all that you contribute

For all that you stand for

Because we don’t say to one another often enough

Part of why I am here

Is because of you

And I love you.

TB-S        3/5/12

Much love to the sisterhood of women today.  I salute you! Spread love…peace and blessings


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