Didn’t Win the Mega Millions But Still A Lottery Winner

We all had it- Mega Millions FEVER!  Even those who “normally don’t play the lottery” joined into the fray.  Who can scoff?  $640 million dollars on a chance with just a $1 investment.  Why, you’d be a fool not to buy at least one ticket, right? RIGHT!!!

So here I am, lil ole me, claiming that prize all week. I mean I was putting all of the Laws of Attraction to work to claim the money.  All good.  So now it’s time to wait.

I fell asleep watching t.v. on Friday after hearing the winning numbers (but not checking my ticket).  I awakened about 2:45 a.m.  to “get in the bed” and saw a text from a friend in Chicago: “Did you win?  $640 million dollar winner in MD.”  *insert dramatic heartbeat music* But I still didn’t check.  I returned to sleep.  Well, about an hour before I was due to awaken on Saturday I guess my subconscious mind could no longer take the drama.  I awakened to check my ticket.  😦  I am not the winner.  I’ve got extra time to kill now so I mosey onto Facebook.  I’ve got an inbox message “1 winner.  Ticket sold in Baltimore County.”  *turn up volume on dramatic heartbeat music*  I’m thinking… I’m thinking… well I know it’s not me but it could be someone I know.  Look at my timeline and see a message written by a fellow mom from my kids’ old school  “ticket sold at 7-11 on Liberty Rd.”  O_O!!!! Now this thing is getting serious.  This is very close to home.  “Which 7-11?” I wonder as I think to myself “if it’s the one in the strip mall where I elected to get my ticket at the liquor store instead I’m going to be SIIIIIIICK!”  Turn on the t.v.  All of the news crews are at the 7-11 on Liberty Rd at Milford Mill Blvd.  Well, not my immediate neighborhood but definitely my acre of the woods.

It’s Monday now and we have more info.  There were 3 lucky people who will share in this record-breaking pot (lucky dogs).  3 tickets sold in 3 different states. The MD winner has not yet come forth but we do know that at the time of that purchase they bought a single random ticket .  So yes folks, 1 dollar is ALL that it takes.  Alas, I did not win the Mega Millions (this time) but I am still such a winner in the lottery of life.  And so my friends are you.

When I think of all of my blessings, I realize that I have things no money can buy or make better:

1.  I was born into a wonderful family.  Yes, there is a degree of dysfunction, but there is love and caring in abundance.  My family has my back and my best interest at heart.  They are there for me and I them.

2.  I have the best set of friends.   If it is true that you attract what you are, then I’m a WHOLE LOT better than what I think I am.  My friends are supporters, dream sharers, butt kickers, love bearers, tear catchers, and way makers.  We get by with helping each other.

3.  My kids are the best.  They are not perfect but they are perfect for me.  They give me no trouble.  They are intelligent, great thinkers, independent minded and their own people.  I could not ask for more.

4.  I am in great health.  While my body is not EXACTLY where I want it, it does show evidence of my dedication to the gym.  I am getting close to the magic age and I take no medications for anything.  I have had no medical scares of any kind.  I have the strength to physically and mentally take care of those who need me.

That about sums it up.  You can’t get much better than that.  The money would have been a wonderful asset to my life but it would not have made my life.  My life is perfectly complete as it is.  There are some things that could bear improving but I won’t complain.  I’m alive, I’m healthy, I’m blessed.  I’m a WINNER.


Spread love…peace and blessings


One thought on “Didn’t Win the Mega Millions But Still A Lottery Winner

  1. Well-said…but, tell the truth…it would have been ever BETTER with a piece of that $640MM pie!! 🙂

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