You’ve Got A Friend

We all have friends.  Most, if not all of us, have at least one best friend.  Friendship is a wonderful thing.  But something occurred to me today.  Not all of us have THAT friend.  The one who will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.  The one who will pull you in off the ledge all of the time with a simple “calm down.”

I want you to be clear on what I mean here.  This is NOT the friend who is ride or die- ready to pick up the charge and go off to kick a** with you because YOU said someone did something “wrong” to you.  This is NOT the friend who will allow you to mope, cry, and host the pity party to beat all pity parties whenever you feel the occasion warrants.  No, not this friend. Not this friend.

This is the friend who says to you “I understand” and continues on to examine the situation from a purely rational, impartial (meaning you may not like it) point of view.  This is the friend who pulls you off the ledge saying “Come on in.  It’s dangerous out there and trust me this is not worth it.” And then… and then, this friend goes on in a calm, loving way to show you how this is not the end of the world.

But some people are not ready for this type of friendship.  They think if a person does not totally agree with them that individual is being disloyal.  They think that if they are angry, then their friend should get fired up and angry as well.  They don’t appreciate the value of the person who will just talk things through showing them both the good and the bad of all sides.  Hopefully they will eventually.  For this type of friend is one of your greatest assets.

You know the best thing about this friend? When you have to return to the friend to say “I hate to admit it, but you were right” they just kinda smile and let you know that’s it’s ok.  They got your back.  Always.  You’ve got a friend.


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