A family lost their son today

he died in an unusual way

they will need prayers

they will need God

they will need family and friends

they will need STRENGTH

A mom is staring divorce in the face

she is economically dependent

her spouse has tried to break her in many ways

on many days

even attempted to do so through her kids

but he can’t and he won’t

because she is STRONGER than he allows himself to recognize

and she will bend but not break

A young man faces a choice today

does he sling dope on the corner

to someone’s son or daughter

or does he face the fact

that he can approach life another way

can he accept that he is smart enough

and STRONG enough to not continue to be led astray

his entrepreneurial talents can build a family empire

but not this way

A young lady will today decide

after her endless tears subside

that she can not continue to allow

the foulness of her mom’s boyfriend to invade her

and she will find the STRENGTH she needs to garner

to leave them both and go to the refuge where real love is offered

You see strength is not in your swagger

not in your walk and especially not your talk

if you have to proclaim the magnitude of your strength

then your meter is probably off

for the strongest people don’t speak about it

they just are about it

they continue on in the face of adversity

often with a smile and a word of encouragement for others

the phrase quiet strength holds much weight

some come by it early for some it comes late

The strength I wish for you today

is that you will have the fortitude to live life your own way

set goals and pursue your dreams

recognize that life is not always what it seems

but no matter what the obstacles you face

you have the power to win this race

you have the strength of your convictions

the love of others and self

don’t leave your strength on the shelf

everyone has it somewhere within

find it own it use it

you have the strength to win


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