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Count Your Blessings

Yesterday on Facebook a good friend posed a question “how have you been a blessing to someone today?”  The answers were heartwarming, touching and inspiring. One lady’s answer was not how she was a blessing but how she was blessed by someone else. This thread reminded of something that I needed to refocus on: as we go through life we need to count our blessings.

The interesting thing is not only do you have opportunities to bless someone daily, but you also have the chance to recognize and appreciate how others are blessing you.  Do you understand how quickly and powerfully you can change your daily disposition by focusing on the blessings?  What a difference we would make in the world if we set out each day to bless SOMEONE whom we encounter on that day.  It kind of brings to mind the concept of  “pay it forward” but it is a twofold task: bless and count your blessings.

Two weeks ago in church a small incident occurred.  I did what I should with no further thought.  My former secret sister was so moved by what I assure you was a small act of kindness that she lit a candle of thanks for me the following week.  Now I’m feeling blessed.  I did nothing to deserve this (in my mind anyway).  On Sunday she presented me with a small token of her appreciation.  Again, it was not about the gift.  It wasn’t about what I did.  In this case it was about us blessing one another.  A small act that I’m positive will further endear us to one another for the rest of our days.

Life is short and precious.  We can elect to focus on how “that jerk” cut us off  in traffic and how our paycheck error has yet to be fixed OR we can recognize the friend that encouraged us to do what we love (write this blog) regardless of how many or how few read it .  We can appreciate a very meaningful “girlfriend chat” that we helped facilitate. The choice is yours but I shall continue to remind myself  daily to count my blessings.

Thank you C Lee for the reminder!

Spread love… peace and blessings.


Birthday Musings

Well it’s that time- albeit a little delayed this year. Every year I take time to review my life.  This generally takes place on New Year’s Day and my birthday(7/1).  Well, we are officially 15 days past my birthday.  Life’s circumstances delayed me putting pen to paper or fingers to keys, as it were, this year but I definitely put in the time for reflection.  So, at the ripe young age of 47 here’s what I’ve learned so far.  Some lessons came a while ago while some are very recent.  Regardless of the timing, they are things I now hold as true.

1.  I can’t change anyone but myself.  While this is definitely true, what is even more true is that though I will not ask anyone to change who they are for me I am firm in what is not acceptable behavior for/toward me.  You don’t have to change, but I don’t have to tolerate it either!

2. Most people are good at heart.  The more you accept that, the more people will show you how good they really are.  (another way of stating that most people live up to your expectations)

3.  Age is definitely a state of mind.  I’m 47 but still 25 in my mind.  I think constantly relating to my inner child helps me look younger.

4.  You have to take care of your mind, body, and soul.  You can amass money and for some that is the ultimate goal.  But those funds will not keep you out of the doctor’s office, off of medication and off of the operating table.

5.  You can’t choose your family, but often times when the rubber meets the road you will find that they are truly there for you.

6.  You really do have to power to change your life simply based on what you think.  The Law of Attraction is real.  If you don’t believe me, try some of the principles yourself and prove me wrong.  I’ll wait; you won’t.  😉

7.  Some things have changed from the old days but I don’t HAVE to change with them if the change is not for the best.  This deserves its own blog as it cannot be summarized in a sentence or two.

8.  You can’t make me hate you, cause I won’t! Hate is not in my vocabulary especially in reference to another person.  We all have God within us.  If I recognize the God in you it is impossible for me to hate you.  The God in me can’t hate itself. I choose to see you for your best, even when you display your worst.

9.  When you spread love it comes back to you magnified.  Most of you know this is a principal that I live by.  Spread love.

10.  Tell people you love them; often!

11.  Don’t force people to jump through hoops to prove their love for you. It’s unnecessary, tiring, and leads to resentment.

12.  Be willing to see your own faults and learn from your mistakes. No one is perfect and that includes you.  It’s ok.  Cut yourself some slack.  No one expects you to be perfect.

13.  Life goes on.  Unless you die, you get the opportunity to live another day.  That is a gift.  Try as much as possible to live in the present and see the present for the gift that it is.

14.  Your time and attention are two of the greatest gifts you can give a person.  Give someone your undivided attention sometimes and see what a difference it makes in your communication.

15.  Be willing to see the other person’s point of view.  That doesn’t mean you have to agree with it, but by seeing it you will find an understanding.

16.  Be willing to admit when you are wrong.

17.  Don’t give up.

18.  Laugh often – especially at yourself.

19.  See your children as the individuals that they are and appreciate your time with them.  It will be gone before you know it.

20.  When you are surrounded by friends who love, support, and encourage you, you can survive anything. Again, I could write an entire blog around this.

21. You are stronger than you think you.  Most of us don’t know what we are capable of until we are presented with a situation. It’s when things are at their worst that we sometimes see what we are really made of.

22.  Be willing to laugh (even at yourself) loud and often.  There are a lot of serious things that occur in life, but there is a lot of funny stuff as well.  Laughter is healing.  Never take yourself so seriously that you can’t enjoy a good laugh.