Count Your Blessings

Yesterday on Facebook a good friend posed a question “how have you been a blessing to someone today?”  The answers were heartwarming, touching and inspiring. One lady’s answer was not how she was a blessing but how she was blessed by someone else. This thread reminded of something that I needed to refocus on: as we go through life we need to count our blessings.

The interesting thing is not only do you have opportunities to bless someone daily, but you also have the chance to recognize and appreciate how others are blessing you.  Do you understand how quickly and powerfully you can change your daily disposition by focusing on the blessings?  What a difference we would make in the world if we set out each day to bless SOMEONE whom we encounter on that day.  It kind of brings to mind the concept of  “pay it forward” but it is a twofold task: bless and count your blessings.

Two weeks ago in church a small incident occurred.  I did what I should with no further thought.  My former secret sister was so moved by what I assure you was a small act of kindness that she lit a candle of thanks for me the following week.  Now I’m feeling blessed.  I did nothing to deserve this (in my mind anyway).  On Sunday she presented me with a small token of her appreciation.  Again, it was not about the gift.  It wasn’t about what I did.  In this case it was about us blessing one another.  A small act that I’m positive will further endear us to one another for the rest of our days.

Life is short and precious.  We can elect to focus on how “that jerk” cut us off  in traffic and how our paycheck error has yet to be fixed OR we can recognize the friend that encouraged us to do what we love (write this blog) regardless of how many or how few read it .  We can appreciate a very meaningful “girlfriend chat” that we helped facilitate. The choice is yours but I shall continue to remind myself  daily to count my blessings.

Thank you C Lee for the reminder!

Spread love… peace and blessings.


7 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings

  1. Writers write and I’m very glad that you wrote this blog and shared this message. Blessings abound…sometimes we just don’t recognize them until later!! Your writings and willingness to share yourself with all of is a blessing unto itself!! Agapé!!

  2. “I know that all men are my brothers; all of us have a common Father. I wish for everyone health, happiness, abundance and all the blessings and riches of life. I mean this; I am sincere. I know that what I wish for the other, I also wish for myself, and as I bless the other I am blessing myself. The love of God flows through me to all mankind.” ~ Dr. Joseph Murphery ~ Well said Tee…

  3. I like!!! You are what you focus on. I choose to focus on my blessings. I choose to try to bless others, that they may feel the warmth and love thereof. I choose this because when you focus on those things in life that are positive, you squeeze out the negative….there is NO ROOM!! [By the way…I am still looking forward to the great things God has in store for you…EXPECT THE GREAT!!!]

    Love Ya!!!!

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