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Family Matters

In meditation this morning, on the tail end of hurricane Sandy, I began to reflect upon the concept of family.  As I lay there, I realized that there is a difference between relatives and family.  Relatives are those people to whom we happen to be related by blood, either closely or distantly, but whom we don’t really know.  I was thinking about some first cousins of mine.  One in particular I couldn’t name her children (except for the oldest) and I’m certain she couldn’t name mine or pick them out of a lineup.

I’m not saying that this is a good thing.  I think that it a sad state of affairs. I have other first cousins for whom I could not name ANY of their children.  Family should know each other better.  But I guess all of your relatives aren’t always family.  You just don’t really know them like that- especially if you come from a larger family that is somewhat spread out.

Yet, while I was thinking on the subject I realized that some family is not made of relatives.  They are the family of our choosing- friends whom we value as much as family and love like siblings.  We know not only their kids but extended family all by name and maybe birthday.  They are there when we need them when we call and often times even when we don’t.

In my last few moments of reflection I came to some conclusions.  There are some relatives who I need to get a little closer to.  It is even time to check in with some of my family whom I haven’t hollered at in a minute.  But the bottom line is my little vagabond family (those blood relatives and those not) are mine.  I love them all to pieces.  It is very important to treasure those we love and to let them know exactly how much they mean to us.  Life is precious and short.  Nothing is promised.  Living life to the fullest, for me, involves spending precious time with my family and enjoying every minute of it.


Pop Quiz

So you know my theory right? Once you learn the lesson it stops repeating.  Recently I have had cause to rethink this just a little bit. You may not continue to get retested but sometimes the universe gives you a pop quiz.

The purpose of the quiz is not to make you fail.  It is designed for lesson reinforcement.  In other words, yes you get it.  You’ve learned the lesson.  You understand.  BUT, are you able to apply the lesson across the board in a variety of circumstances?

Here’s the good news.  Once you are able to step back, remember that you do know the lesson,  and understand that this is just a pop quiz you relax.   There is no need to go into fight mode.  It’s just a quiz and you have already studied.  You know the answers.

This is today’s lesson.  I’ve been struggling with something for about a week now- asking myself why this is happening, wondering what I’m doing to encourage it. Today I passed the quiz.  I recognize that this is indeed a lesson. I’ve learned it before and I just need to implement the answers. I am a quiet stresser.  When I’m bothered most, people are often not aware of it.  I appear as cool as a cucumber on the outside but I’m torn up internally.  This is not good or healthy.  So, today I’ m breathing and relaxing- it’s just a quiz.  There is no new lesson to learn.  Just spit the answers back out.  It’s just a pop quiz.  Trust… you’ve got this.