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You are one of my FAVORITE people

Welcome back readers.  One of my favorite things about this creative process is being open to change.  I had a totally different topic that I was prepared to write about today, but then it happened.  Someone said to me earlier “you are one of my favorite people” and I realized, this is my topic today.

You are one of my favorite people. In my mind this statement is the highest form of compliment.  Why? Because of what it says and also what it doesn’t say. It doesn’t say “you are my best friend” because you probably are not. It doesn’t mean “I just love everything about you” because  I probably don’t.

Then what does it mean?  I realize this is subjective, so here it is.  This is what it means to me.  When I tell you, you are one of my favorite people, it means:

  1. The very essence of who you are resonates deeply with me. I admire your ability to be exactly who you are and be okay with it
  2. I have learned a lot from you.
  3. I admire your spirit.
  4. There are qualities about you that I admire and hope to someday achieve.

You are not going to be everyone’s favorite person. In fact, you may only hold this title for a few people.  Again, the specialness (my word) of it is what makes it a compliment of the highest order.  I have a few favorites and I gladly let them know.  Everyone wants to receive this type of accolade no?

Spread Love,

Peace and Blessings!