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I’m A Survivor (not physically health related)

People are complex beings who live through complex circumstances in life. Some make it through those circumstances and some survive them. I am a survivor.

In a family crisis I am the one who holds everyone together. Several years ago I had someone who did everything within their power to try and break me. I didn’t break. The more I didn’t falter the angrier they became. I also didn’t retaliate. Strength does not mean he who hits the hardest but he who works hardest to walk away least bruised and battered. I’m also a strong believer in karma, so I can’t block my blessings because I’m trying to get back at you.

There’s only one thing wrong with being the strong one, the lone survivor if you will. That thing is perception. People tend to think/believe that you can handle anything. Even worse, you believe it as well. So though it may be true that will indeed generally rise to the top, you have a hard time accepting/enduring/being positive as you live through it. I have to remind myself to live THROUGH it. It’s okay to be vulnerable, to show anger, tears, an even disappointment. It’s okay to let others know you are struggling (I usually don’t.) I’m realizing I sometimes must convert the smile on my face (through it all) to a smile in my heart. I mean after all I’m going to survive it, right? Of course, I’m a survivor!!


That’s What Friends Are For

Try to live life in a way that your spirit attracts people who will support you when you need it- no questions asked.  It’s truly a blessing.

Recently life’s circumstances caused me to have what can rightly be interpreted as “a very bad day.”  (Yes even the cheerful can sometimes become overwhelmed by circumstances)  I decided to approach the moment differently than I have at other times in the past.  I went out onto Facebook and asked my friends to pray for me.  NO details given; just asked them to send up a general prayer.

I was overwhelmed by the response that I received.  Many friends checked in to say that it is “done.”  There were no questions asked.  No inquiring minds wanting to know.  What I realized within a short period of time was that my friends were trying to return to me what I try to project out to others daily.

And that’s when it REALLY hit me.  (Sometimes lessons are gentle and sometimes they hit you like a sledgehammer.) The spirit that you display and project is magnified in those around you.  If you project a spirit of love then love surrounds you.  If you project a spirit of negativity then negative spirits surround you.  Now this, in and of itself,  is not a new lesson.  I have known it for a while.  I think, for me, the shock was in seeing it manifest itself so quickly on a micro level.  Sometimes we ask/ pray for a thing to happen and the universe takes a long time to respond.  Sometimes, as happened with me, there is am immediate response to a request.

As I stated earlier this was a “very bad day” but I felt surrounded by such love and warmth in such a short amount of time that I had to take pause.  It was almost as if I could feel these prayers working on my behalf.  Since the negativity of the situation was nothing that I wanted to embrace and give further life to,  I was deeply grateful.  I realized that in my attempts to always spread love I am loved and I also realized that’s what friends are for.

So I publicly take a moment to thank my friends who stood with and/or prayed for me on that day.  I don’t know that I deserve you,  but I am certainly glad that my life is blessed by your presence.