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A Dream Is Unfulfilled Without Action


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I am a writer. There, I said it. I dream of being not just a published writer, but a famous writer.

When I’m stressed, upset, or just need to “get away from it all” I do one of two things- I read or I write. I write to express my deepest feelings- those I’m too shy, or fearful, or unsure of to express aloud.  I write to give praise. I write to air grievances. I write for entertainment, mine and others.

I began this blog 6 years ago (WAIT! Has it really been THAT long?!) because I wanted to write and I wanted spread love through a blog that shared positive thoughts.  I am not hip enough to be a fashion blogger, and quite frankly dishing on celebrities is not my calling or desire.

Then guess what happened?  You already know right?  Life happened.  I’ve changed location, marital status, and a host of other things during the lifetime of this blog.  You know what else happened? I stopped writing. And my dream became more deferred. I’m rusty now. My written “voice” is not as sharp as it was. I have to resharpen my tools.

Earlier today I had a conversation with my husband. We discussed goals and plans for the future. As a part of the discussion I shared that writing is my true dream and passion. If I could have my druthers writing is what I would do. Then, he did it. That thing.  Yup, he dropped the bomb. What you need to know is that my husband is related to a world renown, highly acclaimed author.  I mean, one whose name is known by EVERYONE. So what did he do? How did he drop the bomb? He quoted her!!! He said “in the words of my cousin ‘writers write.’ ”  Sonic boom. I can ‘t argue with that, especially knowing who he’s quoting.

So here I am. I’m really, really back. Back with regularity. Back to posting. Back to inspiring (hopefully). Back to writing. Because a dream is just a dream until you apply action to it. Action makes the dream a goal. Dream your dreams. Then define the goals and go get ’em. It’s never too late. Not for me and certainly not for you. Let’s go get em.  As for me, I’ll continue to do the write thing.

Spread Love,

Peace and Blessings