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Take Time

“How many of us fill our lives with doing to avoid the quiet moments when questions might arise?”  M. Basil Pennington

I suspect that the answer to this question is yes for far too many of us.   We lead busy lives: we work,  are students,  are parents,  are children, are involved members of our church, are active sorority/fraternity members, and keep our bodies fit at the gym.  Some of us wear all of these hats at the same time.  The result is that we do not have any alone time.

Alone time meaning quiet time to sit and meditate.  To take the time to hear not only the voice of God but our own spirit speak to us.  We run like hamsters on a wheel with one day leading rapidly into the next.  The point is that for some of us this level of activity may be intentionally hectic.  If we don’t take the time to slow down, we are also not taking the time to self evaluate.  For some, the reason is because they don’t want to face themselves in the mirror.  They laud their busyness and their professional accomplishments but not their personal or spiritual growth.  While professional accomplishments are certainly worthy of praise,  it is the visible growth in an individual that really gains everyone’s attention.

I will point to the example of Russell Simmons.  While there are many who admire his most notable accomplishments with starting Def Jams and Phat Farm,  I think he is even more greatly admired for his spiritual growth and humanitarian efforts.

Looking inward and doing the dirty work should not be a cause for fear.  It is actually an activity that should be approached with great anticipation.  There is only one you and taking the time to sit down in silence and listen to the voices that lead you thereby facing the wo/man in the mirror is quite rewarding.  No one can make you a better person but you.  Take the time to hear the questions that come in the silence.  Make the effort to address those questions and the quality of life surrounding that rat race will be greatly enhanced.

Take a moment

to enjoy

the beauty of nature.

Listen to the birds sing.

Actively watch the sun rise or set.

And take the time

to hear God speak to you

and lead you to a better you.

TBS 10/27/10


Spread love…peace and blessings.